Another Week

One night at dinner Ruby hesitantly mentioned that she'd had to go in time out. Some inquiry revealed that she'd yelled at recess, was sent to time out, sobbed, "Herbie woke me up early!" to her teacher (because she never would've yelled otherwise), got a hug, and spent the rest of recess playing alone because she didn't feel like playing with the other kids.

Steven: "It can be embarrassing when you get in trouble, huh, Ruby?"

I don't think she was expecting that.


Then I told her about the time I had to go put my nose to the wall in 1st grade for talking during story time (a much better choice than sharing Woo's kindergarten indiscretions btw), and she seemed to feel much better.

Herbie wanted to go mountain biking for his Daddy Day this week. Woo took him to some dirt hills with jumps by the reservoir (not the nice gradual path I would've taken him on, but I guess that's why kids have dads). Herbie came back VERY excited. He'd ridden fast down some big hills, ridden up some other ones, and rode over some "skips" where his bike had gone in the air, but he hadn't fallen off.

Me: Do you mean jumps?

Herbie: Yes, jumpers.

Linus has been sitting up by himself for a few weeks now. When he first started Moses would try to push him over, "Him not a kid! Him a baby!" "Don't sit, Linus!"

Linus is already showing an early inclination towards balls, cars and paper.

Moses has been working on some bike tricks of his own.
Me: Show Dad your trick, Moses! 
Moses pulls his handlebars up in a wheelie, and Woo goes for the camera.
Woo: Ok, Moses, show us your trick! 
Moses sprints down the road holding one hand straight out to the side.
Woo: No, Moses! The other one! 
Moses quickly puts his hand back and sticks the other hand straight out.
Woo: No, the other one! The other trick! 
Moses switches hands again...

I don't think we ever got that wheelie on camera.

ooTunes was finally featured in the app store under staff favorites. Woo's seen a bump in sales from that, so he spent most of this week at the computer working.

Insulation is moving slowly along. I finished sanding the bottom half of the china cabinet, and can start staining it tomorrow. I hope to have the whole thing finished and in the house at the end of this week.

Anyway, that's all, folks!