First Day Of School

Ruby's had a rough couple of days... I assume in anticipation of Kindergarten. Yesterday she had three wrecks on her bike and about five just walking around. She could never sit still or hear a word we said, which didn't make things go too smoothly with Mom and Dad, but today was finally the day.
Ruby's the kind of kid that sprints for the bus the second the bus driver waves her forward and pipes, "My name's Ruby!" so I knew she'd be fine, but I'll admit the saying goodbye was a bit sadder than I expected.

One consequence of her short hair cut is that Woo and I control her dress choices more to make sure she looks like a girl. It doesn't always work, as today there were apparently some girls arguing that she was a boy until the teacher said, "Ruby's a girl." 

I asked Ruby what she said to the girls, "I i-nored them."

She seemed to be the most excited about the bus ride where she saw lots of friends from church and the neighborhood, and overall loved school---asking what time she gets to leave tomorrow almost the second she got home.

She was all tuckered out after a new day and the retreat of her feelings of anticipation. She actually went upstairs to lie in bed while I made dinner, and when Grandpa Kip called to see how it went she couldn't bring herself to say more than a few words (a first)!

Woo is everyone's new favorite person after his talk two Sunday's ago. It helped that he got to speak about something he's passionate about and had lots of fun personal stories---some that I'd never heard.

For example, did you know that the first time he got an answer to prayer was praying about whether he should buy an issue of baseball cards or not? I didn't. (The answer was no, btw.)

He was in heaven last Saturday when Huntsville held their annual town-wide garage sale. We biked around all morning, and he was pleased to find a wooden tie (another hit when he wore it on Sunday) and a kayak.

Herbie was almost as excited about Ruby starting school as she was. All morning he yelled, "Ruby's starting school today!" to all passersby, and graciously offered his backpack when she couldn't find hers.

He had a hard time for about five minutes after she left when he kept saying stuff like, "It's not Ruby's first day of school. It's my first day of school." and "Ruby's not the first kid. She's the second kid." 

But it didn't last long. He seemed to forget all about her once he hopped on his bike.

Moses hasn't quite clued into the fact that all questions about church can be answered with, "Jesus."
Me: What did you learn about in nursery, Moses? 
Moses: cars. trucks. 
Woo: No, what did you learn about? 
Moses: treats. 
Me: What did your teacher talk about? 
Moses: cuz 
Linus is doing so well with solids now that I no longer have to feed him before I go to bed. Even though it was just a little thing, not having to do it anymore feels like freedom!

Linus is also the first kid of ours to say, "mom, mom, mom, mom" before "da, da, da, da, da." Which is odd because he really loves Woo. Maybe it's just an easier sound for him to make. Or maybe because he hears it 5 thousand times a day (that's Woo's theory).

I've had kind of a fun week. I read the two first Hunger Games books in anticipation for the third book, which I read the day after it came in the mail. I bought an orbital sander, which I've wanted for a long time, and started working on my china cabinet. It got pretty scraped up in the move, plus I've never been a big fan of the finish.

My old roommate T-- was in town for her sister's wedding, and we got to eat lunch with her and her family.

L-- and kids dropped by on their way home.

Helping Woo cut insulation on the table saw was a less fun thing, but not too bad once I settled into it... which is good because there's still lots to do.

Anyway, that's about it. Talk to you all later.