Christmas in October!

K-- and P-- (Woo's sister and brother-in-law for those of you who don't know) came for two days to help us with the insulation. Besides the 3.5 hr drive and P-- taking a day off of work, they also endured the rain, our cold house temperatures, my finicky house rules, and crammed themselves and all five of their kids in the living room for the night. P-- and Woo got a lot done. Thanks, guys!

Feeding 9 kids and 4 adults for several meals (and one including L-- and her kids on their way back to Idaho) was a new experience for me, but went without major incident except for the hasty purchase of sirloin burgers for dinner. K-- and I forgot that running to the store with 9 kids was not going to be easy, and once we were there I just wanted to get out. It isn't the worst mistake I've ever made, since they were quite delicious.

Herbie developed a romance with his cousin A--. She's 3 years older and a foot and a half taller, but those things don't mean anything to Herbie (or maybe added to her attractiveness?). I hypothesized that A-- first caught Herbie's eye when she burst forth from the bathroom wearing her pink leotard and tights, "I wore these here under my clothes!"

But K-- said he had stolen a kiss earlier in the day. He held her hand wherever they went, spent a good part of the afternoon pretending they were married (pretend marriage consists of a lot of dancing in circles, falling to the ground, and dramatic looks), and they both talked about the other in their bedtime prayers.
Me: What was your favorite part about the cousins coming? 
Herbie: When I was pretending to be married to A--. 
J-- (another cousin) brought a few cars that Moses was enthralled with, and played with almost constantly. Almost immediately after K-- and P-- had driven off Moses kept asking when we were going to visit the cousins. Then he wanted to know when they were coming back. He was still at it this morning, and finally on the way to church I clued in.
Moses: When are we going to our cousins' house? 
Me: Moses, do you miss your cousins or do you miss their cars? 
Moses: I miss them's cars. 
Moses also graced A--'s pink leotard dance performance with a loud guffaw and a flattering, "Her's funny!"

While reading a book to Herbie and Moses, I discovered that Linus thinks the word "voomaroom" is really funny. I keep saying it too him just to hear him giggle.

He also likes to hear, "mom, mom, mom, mom, mom," but that just gets me a huge smile, no giggles. 

Linus didn't seem to be at all bothered by the extra people. I just sat him up out of the traffic, and he was quite happy with the entertainment.

Ruby could not have been more thrilled that M-- and T-- were coming to visit, and then later more cousins were staying the night. She loves, loves, loves people, but also doesn't know when to take a break. She was a mess most of today. She really wanted M-- to come to school with her, but was still pretty excited that he got to see her off at the bus stop.

Woo spent A LOT of time this week working on the insulation, and, of course almost constantly while K-- and P-- were here.

Last night he stayed up late writing an app for Ruby to practice her sight words. He was so excited about it (at 3 in the morning), but Ruby didn't even like it, and he's so tired.

He fell asleep while reading the kids a story, and then while listening to their prayers. He vehemently denies falling asleep during his own prayer, but I think he did. He just rededicated himself to getting to bed on time, and then fell asleep.

That is all folks. Hope you had a good week! Talk to you later.