Well I Guess It's Time...

As several of you who've seen me over the last few weeks have already guessed, we are having another baby. Unfortunately my days of not showing until the 5th or 6th month are long gone :(.

The plan is for this to be the last, but sometimes I lie awake in bed afraid that once the baby is 6 months old, and I've forgotten what it feels like to be pregnant, and every thing's running pretty smoothy, and I look at how cute the kids and the baby are, that I'll want another, and won't be able to stop! So I guess we'll just have to wait and see :).

I feel ok, but I can't quite keep on top of keeping the house clean, and I'm entirely useless once the kids go to bed, so I've been reading a lot of books (recommended by Moley's blog, thanks!).

That is all. Talk to you later!