Getting Advice From Kids

After trying out a few standbys,
Woo: Guys, what's a term of endearment that I can call Mom? Something that will show her I love her. 
Herbie: Baggybum the Beerbelly!! 
Woo: Hmmm, somehow I think that name will have the opposite effect, Herbie. 

Me: Moses, do you like the name Pippa? 
Moses: No. 
Me: Penelope? 
Moses: Yes. 
Me: Vera? 
Moses: Yes. 
Me: Vita? 
Moses: Yes. 
Me: Pippa? 
Moses: Yes. 
Me: Thanks, Moses. You've been a lot of help. 
Herbie has had an imaginary friend for the past month or two. There isn't any subject that "Jonathan" doesn't have an opinion on or activity that "Jonathan" hasn't done. Woo is always trying to meet Jonathan or have Herbie admit he isn't real, but those are always the times that Jonathan is sick or has other plans.

But, I did overhear this when I was in the other room.
Moses: My new friend's name is Andrew. 
Herbie: Moses, I think you're just pretending about Andrew like I'm just pretending about Jonathan! 
Me (running into the room): Whoa! What did you just say, Herbie? 
Herbie: Um. I was just kidding... I didn't say anything. 
I've decided to start painting the trim in the living room, dining room, and stairwell. It doesn't exactly make the most sense in terms of what needs to get done next, but it's what I feel like doing, so that's what I'm doing. One day I was in the stairwell caulking with Moses looking on.
Moses: Mom, what's that smell? 
Me: It's the caulk, Moses. 
Moses: Oh. The caulk? 
Me: Yes, the caulk. 
Moses: Oh. The caulk has gas? (And no, it was not me or him he was smelling. It really was the caulk.) 
blond girl in red Ruby: Mom, I think Satan is trying to tell me something. 
Me: Oh? What is he trying to tell you? 
Ruby: He's telling me to run upstairs really quick, and then run downstairs really quick, and then sneak into Mom and Dad's room. 
Me: Hmmm, interesting. 
Ruby: I don't want to do what Satan says. 
Me: Well, why don't you just run and close Mom and Dad's door, so you don't have to worry about it. 
Ruby: Ok!! 
Disaster avoided.

Linus' big accomplishment of the week was pulling himself up into a standing position. We cheered and clapped, and his face clearly said, "I don't know what you're doing, but I'm going to smile real big anyway."

He wants to go up those stairs. We'll have to baby proof them soon. The bathroom is his favorite place to scamper off to, whenever he finds we're not paying attention. Those of you who've been in our bathroom know it's pretty gross at the moment. I try to keep the door constantly closed.

I did finally find a vanity for mine and Woo's bathroom at an estate auction. I'd never been to one before, but it was pretty much exactly what you'd expect it to be. I actually had a lot of fun, and would probably go every week if I didn't have other "obligations." The plumbers (cross fingers) should be here next week to do the final installs of our fixtures.

And, finally, Woo has also been thinking a bit about baby names. Here's a list he came up with in Sunday School. I'll leave you to decide which names are real choices, and which ones are jokes. Enjoy!

Rooster bollocks Woolley?
Buster Brown woolley
Darth earl
Earl Spencer
Earhole Cornwall
Ralph Steven
Vladamir putinstad
Otto van Woolley
Ottobaun Smithers
Lichtenstein Lemuel
Vortex Q Woolley
Texas Hampshire Woolley
MacKayo david Woolley
Sigmond Friend
Sunshine underpants Woolley
Botox silicon Woolley
Rudolph Rednose Woolley
Willy Wally woolley
Edgar Allan
Hells bells Woolley
Xiao Ming
Gordon monson Woolley
Grego eggo Woolley
iPad app woolley
Flour flower Woolley
Pugsly Fester
Hamhock Vegan Woolley
Bloodslaughter princess Woolley
Orak Salami Woolley
Mitt Rooney
Sunshine butternut woolley
Porky Butterball Woolley
Mutton Lover Woolley 
Ziggy Zaggy
venereal consequence
Dizzy dagger
Mitt Jagger
Vern Erwin