A Day In The Life (AKA The Most Boring Email I've Ever Written)

I understand if you skip this, but it's going to be interesting in 100 yrs (and to me in 20). I promise... 

Thursday February 24, 2011 
7:45 I hear the kids

8:00 I open my eyes, check my email and favorite political and design blogs.

8:20 I get Linus out of bed. Get him milk. Change his diaper. Start breakfast.

8:40 We all eat a banana, an egg, cold cereal and a cup of milk (Well...I never eat a banana, but the kids haven't noticed that yet. Plus, they don't care. They love bananas.).
Herbie claims that Woo gave him too much chocolate milk last night, and he can't finish his.
He puts it in the fridge for lunch.

9:15 Kids clear the table and Ruby and Herbie do their dishes.
Ruby wipes table.
Herbie helps me sweep the floor.
Linus scavenges what he can from the floor before its gone.
Moses gets the big pillows from my bed, and sets them in front of the TV. It's movie day!

9:30 We review the scripture we're memorizing (Alma 37:35).
Herbie has it.
Ruby needs a couple prompts.
Moses does a great job repeating after me.

9:35 Movies! It's Ruby's week to pick. She picked a Mickey Mouse Christmas movie and a short movie about trains at the library yesterday.
Linus smiles real big and bounces to the music on the train movie. The other kids are glued to the screen.

9:40 I sort laundry into piles for each kid, and then sub-piles of pants, shirts, underwear, etc. for easy put away for the kids. Folding is beyond them at this point, and if I fold the clothes, they'll be unfolded by the time the kids get them up the stairs and into their dressers, so I don't waste my time.
I fold and put away Mine, Woo's and Linus' clothes.
Linus does his own thing in the laundry room---his new favorite hang out.
Herbie: When I grow up, I'm going to drive a kid train. 
Me: When you grow up you won't be a kid anymore. 
Herbie: No, when I'm 10. Or 8. 

10:30 Linus goes down for his nap.

10:40 Woo emerges for breakfast. We see him less during the day now that the Master Bath is functional. I install two towel rings and TP holder in the Master Bath. It's not painted yet, but it will be months before that happens, and I want it to be comfortable to use now. Its not hard to remove that stuff right before I paint anyway.
I hang the towels/washcloths, place the rug. Too much turquoise! I'm going to need another color in there. Pink? Maybe red?

11:30 Linus wakes up, and I start to make lunch. We eat popcorn and fruit for lunch on Movie Day. Those of you who don't consider that a proper lunch can thank your lucky stars I'm not your mother!

11:45 Movie's over and the kids take their piles upstairs to their dressers.
Except Moses, he's hiding in the bathroom.

11:50 Herbie finishes and starts his breakfast/lunch.
Moses starts cleaning up after some prodding.

11:55 Ruby changes her outfit for school and starts lunch.

12:00 Moses finishes and starts lunch.

12:12 Ruby and I get ready and go to the bus stop. No one else is ready so they stay home.

12:20 I return to find Woo giving Herbie a lecture on what is and isn't fair. "Guess what, Herbie. Life isn't fair, and you're on the receiving end of that. You have way more than your fair share compared to most people."
I have a few minutes so I check my email and my blogs.
Woo shovels snow.
Moses plays with the sing-a-ma-jig.
Linus crawls around, and Herbie finally gets to eat some popcorn.

12:50 Story Time. Herbie and Moses each pick a book.
Woo goes back to work.

1:05 I put Linus to bed in the laundry room, and Moses, Herbie and I head upstairs.
Moses and Herbie sit in bed and read stories while I read scriptures.

1:25 I finish, the boys put their books away, and Herbie turns out the light. After a few minutes they settle down, and we all go to sleep.

3:30 We wake up.
Herbie hurries down to get his snack (a yoghurt and carrots).
Moses waits a few minutes for me.
We get Linus, and we all eat.

4:00 I go out to get the mail (my new shower curtain is here!), and Ruby runs off the bus. Brrr, it's cold! We hurry inside.
The kids are very curious about the package even though I told them exactly what it is. After I've made sure that Ruby gets her snack, I open the box.
At least they get to play with the box and packaging. I place the curtain on the rings and the rings on the rod out in the living room so the kids can watch.
Herbie hands me the rings as I need them. I put the whole thing up in the bathroom. Maybe I'll get my first shower in my own home for the first time in 10 months tonight?!?

4:30 The kids are busy playing that they're doctors so I check my email/blogs until it's time to make dinner.

4:55 Linus comes to tell me he needs a new diaper. At least that's what I assume he's trying to say because he whines until I pick him up and notice he's not fresh. (At first I thought he just wanted a hug, but no dice :(.

5:00 The kids decide they want to draw for chair time so I get them all set up, place Linus in his chair with some cheerios and start dinner. I make Outback-inspired potatoes, bacon and cheese. I slice tomatoes and avocado and put the ranch on the table. While it's cooking, I do the dishes in the sink.

5:50 Kids start cleaning up. They have 5 minutes from when I put the food on the table to clean up and get their own dishes (I tell them to start cleaning up before then), but Ruby pinched her fingers in a drawer, and needed attention and a break. Herbie & Moses were left to clean most of it up themselves. We had to bend the rules today.

6:00 We eat dinner.

6:50 After we're done and cleaned up, The kids play Twister. Woo spins the wheel while lying on the heater under a blanket.

7:00 Twister dissolves into chaos. We put it away and start Sorry.

7:20 Woo quits Sorry due to no one following the rules. The kids clean it up and go get their jammies.

7:25 Kids brush teeth and use the potty. We meet at the couch for scriptures.

7:30 Sing a hymn (The Time is Well Spent #266)
Ruby says a prayer.
We read half of Alma 61.
7:45 Woo reads the other kids a story while I put Linus in bed.

7:50 We kneel and each say a prayer.
It's my turn to pick the song, and we tuck the kids in bed.

8:00 I print and start filling out client registration forms for my first midwifery appointment tomorrow. Woo takes a short nap on the heater.

8:20 My visiting teacher comes (the other has hurt her shoulder). She's going to watch the kids on Tuesday while we go to the temple, and she offers to come help me paint Wednesday night. I decide to take advantage of her offer :).
Woo goes back to work.

8:50 She leaves, and Herbie says his belly hurts. I put him back to bed, and he goes to sleep.

8:55 I finish filling out forms/questionnaires.

9:50 I think about caulking trim upstairs, but decide to take a break for today, and spoon out some ice cream for Woo and I instead.

10:30 Read some.

11:00 I want to go to sleep, but I'm too tired to get ready for bed.

11:30 I finally pull myself out to take Herbie to the potty and get ready for bed.
Good Night!


Kids And Their Funny Bones

We decided to add Ruby and Herbie into the teaching rotation for Family Home Evening, but first I gave a lesson on how to teach a lesson. Towards the end I was listing off ways they would benefit from learning to teach now and doing it regularly.
Me: ... So you won't be scared to teach when someone asks you to ... 
Ruby (found that very amusing): Why would you be scared to teach? 
Me: Well. Some people are scared to talk in front of other people. 
And Ruby threw back her head and laughed as if she'd never heard anything so ridiculous in her entire life.

There was a magic show at the library this week. The magician's slight of hand was not so slight, and he did a few tricks that I remember T-- picking up from the magic shop in the mall, but the kids loved, loved, loved it!

The next morning at breakfast they spent a considerable amount of time trying to bend their forks, but there's one trick that they're still talking about. The magician had two handkerchiefs knotted in the middle. He tucked the knot in the front of his pants and had two assistants pull out the ends of the handkerchiefs. They pulled out a ratty old pair of men's briefs.

Of course, they'd never seen anything so hilarious in their whole lives, and they still keep coming up with things about it that they think was so funny.
Herbie (laughing): Mom, why was the magician wearing kid underwear?! 
So I then had to break it to him that not all adults wear garments.
Herbie (laughing some more): And then he wore no more underwear for the rest of the show! And he wore no underwear home! 
Woo predicted that we would see them try the trick at home, but we surprisingly haven't seen it yet.

This week Moses has really been into that game that starts with one person saying, "I one a skunk." And the next, "I two a skunk." And so on until one lucky person gets to say, "I eight (ate) a skunk!" 

The only problem is that he rarely gets to eight before he yells out, "I ate a skunk!" (or house, or potty, or book, or whatever we're saying). He usually substitutes it for the number four, which, of course, really makes Ruby and Herbie (especially Herbie) upset.

I have to be on the top my game while playing otherwise Moses will yell, "You didn't laugh, Mom!" and we'll have to start over again.

Linus has started to laugh at the table just because everyone else is laughing. It's pretty obvious that he has no idea what's going on because he'll start after the rest of us, and hit the peak of his laugh when the rest of us have finished.

He thinks that Ruby and Herbie are really funny from a distance, but gets annoyed when they're right in his face. And, of course, he loves zerberts, tickling on his thighs and neck, and, yes, peek-a-boo. His laugh is really cute.

We had the plumbers and finish work guy in this week. They'll be back again (to finish!?!?) next week. We have two new functioning tubs, and would have had two new functioning toilets, if Woo hadn't turned them both off due to leaking. The upstairs one had started to drip into our bedroom before we discovered it.

I thought we hired professionals to avoid this kind of stuff... I finally finished priming all the raw drywall in the house, which I hope that I never have to do again in my lifetime. It was about as fun as rolling water onto the walls, but I'm pretty close to doing fun painting again. The kids' new rooms and Woo's office are on the horizon.

Woo has been working hard on his iPad update. He's had a lot of late nights and long days, but he's taken some breaks to take the kids ice skating, go to the magic show, go snowboarding with Herbie, watch a movie and go ice skating one night with me. Hopefully, it will be done soon?

He got another letter from some radio company (U--?) threatening to sue. In some ways it's old hat because he's not doing anything wrong, everyone's accusations are the same, and he's dealt with this before, but it's still a pain in the butt and stressful.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great week. Talk to you later!


If There's A...

Bad mustache pic, I haven't seen it.


Happy Birthday, Linus!

This week was Linus' birthday. I made donuts, and we sang Happy Birthday. Woo broke with tradition and regifted Linus a present this year. Usually, our 1-yr olds get nothing but $$ in savings from us. 2-yr olds get the regifted present, and finally, 3-yr olds get a new present.

I'm sorry, Linus, but right now you prefer playing with a plastic bowl, spoon, piece of paper, and any other small thing you can find on the floor to anything else, and you know you'd rather have the money we put in your savings later.

One day last week Ruby ran off the bus grimacing/moaning strangely. She gave me a big hug.
Me: Are you crying or laughing? 
Ruby: Crying. We had a fire drill today, and teacher wouldn't let us get our coats! I was cold, and I got sick. I have a bellyache! 
(And no, this was not on one of those freezing cold days, but the week before on one of those almost pleasant days in the mid 30s.)
Me: Oh, that's too bad. I hold Ruby's hand, and she rubs her belly dramatically all the way home. We find Woo. 
Me: Ruby's had a rough day (wink). 
Woo: Oh? 
Ruby tells him her story, and Woo gives her a big hug: I'm sorry, Ruby! It's no fun being sick.

She was miraculously healed about a minute later.

I'm wondering if her poor teacher had to deal with a roomful of "sick" kids after that fire drill. I've been informed by a couple of moms who volunteer and teachers at the school that Ruby's kindergarten class stands out for being full of characters and a handful of VERY strong personalities. Ruby's in the character category (I hope!).

Both Ruby and Herbie have been down the bunny hill a few times now, but Herbie's the one who really loves it. He talks about it all the time, always correcting the other kids when they get words like "half pipe" or "bindings" or "ski lift" wrong. He's reserved a pair of pajama pants to be his special snowboarding long johns.

About 4 days before his Daddy Day, he'll start counting down the days for us, running in our bedroom first thing in the morning of the big day to announce, "It's my Daddy Day today, Dad! We get to go snowboarding!"

Herbie is also really into numbers lately. He spends almost all of his time in Sacrament meeting studying the numbers in his illustrated scriptures or the hymn book. I've heard him count to 115, and I think he could go higher.

We drove past the restaurant Rubio's yesterday.
Woo: Look, Ruby! It's Rubio's! 
(At the very next building)
Moses: Look, Dad! It's Mosio's! The green one! 
Woo: Yes, Moses, Mosio's. I hope that someday you can own a fine Italian restaurant like that one. 
Moses: And cars! 
Woo: Yes, and fine italian cars. 
If anyone is wondering, between a truck, a car and a motorcycle, he'd rather have a motorcycle. And given the choice of being an astronaut, a fireman or a race car driver, he'd rather be a race car driver. 
His voice breathless with excitement, "A race car driver! And I'd get in the car, and I'd drive it! Vroom!" 
I finally found Woo a pair of ice skates. He wears a size 12, and since we'd been looking for weeks without luck, I figured the size 13 I found would be ok.

Unfortunately, hockey skates run 1 1/2 sizes bigger than regular shoes, so the skates are only 2 1/2 sizes too big. I got them for $5 at DI (the local thrift store), so we figured they were good enough until we could find some better ones on sale or on KSL.com.

Anyway, the first thing he did when I presented them to him was smell them. "Wow! These don't even smell for being hockey skates from DI!" And he put them on. There was a bit of a crunch in the second one where he found two freeze-dried mice. That, of course, made the purchase for him. Now we can sneak off to the rink for awhile together after putting the kids to bed.

I'm feeling pretty good. I *almost* have my old energy back. I've been waterproofing the brick in the master bath, and working a bit on the trim still. The sink we ordered got stuck in Chicago in the big storm this last week, so the plumbers can't come until it does. Hopefully Tuesday. I'm also organizing the kindergarten's valentine's party on Monday. It should be pretty easy.

Anyway, that's about it. Hope you all had a great week!