Happy Birthday, Linus!

This week was Linus' birthday. I made donuts, and we sang Happy Birthday. Woo broke with tradition and regifted Linus a present this year. Usually, our 1-yr olds get nothing but $$ in savings from us. 2-yr olds get the regifted present, and finally, 3-yr olds get a new present.

I'm sorry, Linus, but right now you prefer playing with a plastic bowl, spoon, piece of paper, and any other small thing you can find on the floor to anything else, and you know you'd rather have the money we put in your savings later.

One day last week Ruby ran off the bus grimacing/moaning strangely. She gave me a big hug.
Me: Are you crying or laughing? 
Ruby: Crying. We had a fire drill today, and teacher wouldn't let us get our coats! I was cold, and I got sick. I have a bellyache! 
(And no, this was not on one of those freezing cold days, but the week before on one of those almost pleasant days in the mid 30s.)
Me: Oh, that's too bad. I hold Ruby's hand, and she rubs her belly dramatically all the way home. We find Woo. 
Me: Ruby's had a rough day (wink). 
Woo: Oh? 
Ruby tells him her story, and Woo gives her a big hug: I'm sorry, Ruby! It's no fun being sick.

She was miraculously healed about a minute later.

I'm wondering if her poor teacher had to deal with a roomful of "sick" kids after that fire drill. I've been informed by a couple of moms who volunteer and teachers at the school that Ruby's kindergarten class stands out for being full of characters and a handful of VERY strong personalities. Ruby's in the character category (I hope!).

Both Ruby and Herbie have been down the bunny hill a few times now, but Herbie's the one who really loves it. He talks about it all the time, always correcting the other kids when they get words like "half pipe" or "bindings" or "ski lift" wrong. He's reserved a pair of pajama pants to be his special snowboarding long johns.

About 4 days before his Daddy Day, he'll start counting down the days for us, running in our bedroom first thing in the morning of the big day to announce, "It's my Daddy Day today, Dad! We get to go snowboarding!"

Herbie is also really into numbers lately. He spends almost all of his time in Sacrament meeting studying the numbers in his illustrated scriptures or the hymn book. I've heard him count to 115, and I think he could go higher.

We drove past the restaurant Rubio's yesterday.
Woo: Look, Ruby! It's Rubio's! 
(At the very next building)
Moses: Look, Dad! It's Mosio's! The green one! 
Woo: Yes, Moses, Mosio's. I hope that someday you can own a fine Italian restaurant like that one. 
Moses: And cars! 
Woo: Yes, and fine italian cars. 
If anyone is wondering, between a truck, a car and a motorcycle, he'd rather have a motorcycle. And given the choice of being an astronaut, a fireman or a race car driver, he'd rather be a race car driver. 
His voice breathless with excitement, "A race car driver! And I'd get in the car, and I'd drive it! Vroom!" 
I finally found Woo a pair of ice skates. He wears a size 12, and since we'd been looking for weeks without luck, I figured the size 13 I found would be ok.

Unfortunately, hockey skates run 1 1/2 sizes bigger than regular shoes, so the skates are only 2 1/2 sizes too big. I got them for $5 at DI (the local thrift store), so we figured they were good enough until we could find some better ones on sale or on KSL.com.

Anyway, the first thing he did when I presented them to him was smell them. "Wow! These don't even smell for being hockey skates from DI!" And he put them on. There was a bit of a crunch in the second one where he found two freeze-dried mice. That, of course, made the purchase for him. Now we can sneak off to the rink for awhile together after putting the kids to bed.

I'm feeling pretty good. I *almost* have my old energy back. I've been waterproofing the brick in the master bath, and working a bit on the trim still. The sink we ordered got stuck in Chicago in the big storm this last week, so the plumbers can't come until it does. Hopefully Tuesday. I'm also organizing the kindergarten's valentine's party on Monday. It should be pretty easy.

Anyway, that's about it. Hope you all had a great week!