Kids And Their Funny Bones

We decided to add Ruby and Herbie into the teaching rotation for Family Home Evening, but first I gave a lesson on how to teach a lesson. Towards the end I was listing off ways they would benefit from learning to teach now and doing it regularly.
Me: ... So you won't be scared to teach when someone asks you to ... 
Ruby (found that very amusing): Why would you be scared to teach? 
Me: Well. Some people are scared to talk in front of other people. 
And Ruby threw back her head and laughed as if she'd never heard anything so ridiculous in her entire life.

There was a magic show at the library this week. The magician's slight of hand was not so slight, and he did a few tricks that I remember T-- picking up from the magic shop in the mall, but the kids loved, loved, loved it!

The next morning at breakfast they spent a considerable amount of time trying to bend their forks, but there's one trick that they're still talking about. The magician had two handkerchiefs knotted in the middle. He tucked the knot in the front of his pants and had two assistants pull out the ends of the handkerchiefs. They pulled out a ratty old pair of men's briefs.

Of course, they'd never seen anything so hilarious in their whole lives, and they still keep coming up with things about it that they think was so funny.
Herbie (laughing): Mom, why was the magician wearing kid underwear?! 
So I then had to break it to him that not all adults wear garments.
Herbie (laughing some more): And then he wore no more underwear for the rest of the show! And he wore no underwear home! 
Woo predicted that we would see them try the trick at home, but we surprisingly haven't seen it yet.

This week Moses has really been into that game that starts with one person saying, "I one a skunk." And the next, "I two a skunk." And so on until one lucky person gets to say, "I eight (ate) a skunk!" 

The only problem is that he rarely gets to eight before he yells out, "I ate a skunk!" (or house, or potty, or book, or whatever we're saying). He usually substitutes it for the number four, which, of course, really makes Ruby and Herbie (especially Herbie) upset.

I have to be on the top my game while playing otherwise Moses will yell, "You didn't laugh, Mom!" and we'll have to start over again.

Linus has started to laugh at the table just because everyone else is laughing. It's pretty obvious that he has no idea what's going on because he'll start after the rest of us, and hit the peak of his laugh when the rest of us have finished.

He thinks that Ruby and Herbie are really funny from a distance, but gets annoyed when they're right in his face. And, of course, he loves zerberts, tickling on his thighs and neck, and, yes, peek-a-boo. His laugh is really cute.

We had the plumbers and finish work guy in this week. They'll be back again (to finish!?!?) next week. We have two new functioning tubs, and would have had two new functioning toilets, if Woo hadn't turned them both off due to leaking. The upstairs one had started to drip into our bedroom before we discovered it.

I thought we hired professionals to avoid this kind of stuff... I finally finished priming all the raw drywall in the house, which I hope that I never have to do again in my lifetime. It was about as fun as rolling water onto the walls, but I'm pretty close to doing fun painting again. The kids' new rooms and Woo's office are on the horizon.

Woo has been working hard on his iPad update. He's had a lot of late nights and long days, but he's taken some breaks to take the kids ice skating, go to the magic show, go snowboarding with Herbie, watch a movie and go ice skating one night with me. Hopefully, it will be done soon?

He got another letter from some radio company (U--?) threatening to sue. In some ways it's old hat because he's not doing anything wrong, everyone's accusations are the same, and he's dealt with this before, but it's still a pain in the butt and stressful.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great week. Talk to you later!