Adventures in Snowboarding And More!

In possibly the most daring thing he's ever done, Woo took both Ruby and Herbie snowboarding at the same time. When they got back, the kids looked like they'd had a great time. Woo looked shell-shocked.
Ruby: Mom! The ski patrol found me! 
Herbie: Mom! I was a little bit scared of the steep parts at first! But, then I went down them! 
Woo managed an eye roll. When they left here it was raining. When they got off the lift, it was a full-blown blizzard. Herbie refused to stand up, and tried to slide down the mountain on his bum. Ruby, as you can imagine, did a lot of whining and complaining.

Eventually the snow subsided, and the kids (more or less) got into their groove. Ruby went ahead around the corner, and when Woo turned it there was no Ruby, but three possible paths. He took the path of least resistance, which turned out to be the wrong guess. Woo and Herbie ended up beating Ruby to the bottom, where they found out from the ski patrol that Peter and his dog, Woolly, had Ruby.
Ruby: Mom! The ski patrol said I was a good little snowboarder!" 
Woo (under his breath): He said he eventually got tired of her inching along, and just picked her up and brought her. 
Ruby: Mom! When I grow up I want to be a ski patrol! Dad said they're like police! 
Ruby spent the rest of the afternoon drawing a picture of Peter. I think she was quite taken with him.

Woo declared he thought he was finally ready for spring after that fiasco, but the next day we had a nice snowfall, and he took off for the resort as soon as he could.

Unfortunately, he crashed on a rail and hurt his knee, elbow, arm, etc. He could barely walk or move, but that didn't stop him from going for a couple hours on all of the other snow days we've had this week. By yesterday, he said he felt pretty good.

We went to the pediatrician this week for Herbie's checkup and last round of boosters in preparation for kindergarten roundup in a couple of weeks. He loved being weighed, measured, blood pressure and pulse taken, eyes tested, etc. But when it came to shots he was inconsolable. The nurse and I cajoled, offered bribes, gave tough choices, and finally, the two of us just had to pin him to the table for a few seconds while he struggled and yelled at the top of his lungs.

We came out of there with more loot then I've ever seen at a doctor's office: suckers, books, stickers, a token for a prize for each of the kids... and Herbie was so proud and pleased, as if he'd taken those shots like a man.

For days he's been acting like those three punctures are old war wounds. He's still got the band-aids on, and sometimes he still says he can't do things he's asked to because, "my shots are sore." Anyway, we're going to the dentist next week. I'm expecting less drama.

I've never had a kid be jealous of a new baby. I don't know why, but I've noticed the opposite lately. If Woo or I are having fun with Linus, the other kids don't get upset because they want to play with us. They get upset because they want to play with Linus and we're hogging him!

Linus isn't a new baby anymore, he's at an age where he enjoys interacting with others. If you laugh or do anything even the slightest bit silly, he'll laugh. He likes to play catch or fetch. He likes to be tickled, and to have others crawl around with him. He thinks the other kids are hilarious (and who doesn't like that?) He's just a lot of fun for all ages.

Moses is my good listener and empathizer. He'll repeat the last part of anything anyone says to show he's listening.

Herbie: Moses we're going to read the fire truck book.
Moses: Oh, the fire truck book?

Woo: Moses, eat your dinner.
Moses: Oh, eat my dinner?
Woo: Yes.
Moses: Ok.

Recently, though he's started to say "ewww" (as in: ewww, that's gross) to anything anyone says, which is frequently amusing, especially when whatever has been said is not gross at all.

Ruby: I'm going to eat an orange.
Moses: ewww.

Herbie: I'm going outside.
Moses: ewww.

One day I was in the other room when Moses started sobbing and crying and yelling. He was curled up on the couch, and when I finally got him to stop and talk, he sobbed, "Liney has a lego in his mouth!"

He's been similarly upset when Linus has started to crawl towards the bathroom or the stairs, or when one of the other kids has done something where it looks like they might get hurt.

I thought I was done painting the first kids' bedroom, but when I got up in the morning, and went to look at it, it was pretty obvious that I'd had to open a new can of paint to get the last little bit, and I'd have to do a whole new coat on the whole thing. I was too defeated to do anything on it for a few days, but I did finish that bedroom, eventually, and made some thick curtains to seal out the light while the kids are sleeping. Hooray! On to the next!

Well, that's about it. Hope you all have a good week!


Our Week

little boy in suit and briefcase instagram
We finally learned what's triggering Moses' fear of the wind on a walk this week.
Moses (as if having the revelation of a life time): Mom! My hair didn't blow away! 
Me: It didn't blow away? 
Moses: No! It's stick... it's sticked to my head! 
Me: Is that why you've been scared of the wind, Moses? 
Moses: Yes, but it didn't blow away! It sticked! 
Me: That's great, Moses! 
Woo: Moses, you have many years ahead of you before you really have to worry about male pattern baldness. 
And speaking about bald... we finally got to move the pinball machine into Woo's office this week (Yay!), and the kitchen seems quite spacious without it. When Herbie first walked in he said, "It's bald in here!"

Herbie had a hard time napping while the carpet layers were here. He kept trying to negotiate with me before finally settling down.
Herbie: Mom, if you let me get up, I'll let you sit by me at dinner. 
Me: Hmmm. 
Herbie: If you let me get up, I'll let you carry my scriptures to church. 
Me: Herbie, you're not swaying me. Go to sleep!
I asked Herbie what color we wear when we're baptized.
Herbie: White! And brown. 
Me: Brown? 
Herbie: If you're John the Baptist, you can wear brown. 
Very observant, Herbie. John the Baptist is always wearing brown in any picture. Why is that?

Ruby had Crazy Hair Day in school. When we told her, she immediately wanted to dye her hair blue (K--, have you been talking to her?). Woo has a precious box of kool-aid packets that he went through to find a flavor he could live without.

Unfortunately, for Ruby, it was strawberry, so she had to settle for red hair. Following instructions on the internet I applied the kool-aid, and then immediately rinsed it out, so she wouldn't have red hair for weeks. It rinsed out to a nice strawberry blond, and she picked out an entirely red outfit to wear. I thought it was pretty cute (unfortunately the color doesn't show up in any pictures I took), but apparently she had an altercation with another little girl with big poofy hair, who thought her hair was "stupid."

Ruby returned the sentiment, and now that little girl "is not invited to Herbie's birthday party."

That'll show her!

Linus has been called "Whinus" and "Whiney" more than Linus and Liney this week. We finally figured out on Thursday that the time change was probably behind his cranky behavior. I didn't think that moving the clock this direction had much of a impact on the kids' behavior, but it did affect Linus. Maybe because he's still taking two naps during the day. I don't know. Anyway, thankfully, most of Friday and all of Saturday he was back to his normal smiley, giggly self.

I worked myself a little too hard to get the house ready for the carpet layers last week, so I spent a few evenings this week watching movies and eating popcorn. I feel a lot better. I still managed to completely finish painting Woo's office (it only needed one coat, unbelievably), and get about halfway done with the kids' rooms, so that has been exciting to start moving stuff to where it belongs.
Pinball has been a favorite after-dinner activity for the past couple of nights. The desk we had didn't fit when all was said and done, so yesterday, we picked up a mid-century study hall desk from Weber State and wall clock from South Ogden Jr. High (before it was torn down) from some guy who's better and smarter about hitting surplus sales than we are.

I also have my eye on an old library card file at the auction Tuesday night, and a couple of bookshelves from Ikea to harness all of Woo's "treasures." I don't think anyone knows how extremely excited I am to have that done :). So far it's looking pretty nice in there with the exposed brick walls.

Woo continues to work feverishly on his update. Thankfully, he took some time out to move Oogli LLC from our bedroom to his office last night. He says he has made a lot of progress on the update in the last little bit, so I'm hoping (and I know he is too :) that it will be done soon.

The snow on our lawn has started to melt, and Woo is probably the only guy in town to say that he's sad to see it go, and he's not quite ready for winter to be over.

He also has started a new project of tracking the temperature of our bedroom (and now his office) every minute. He has plans to expand to outside, and other rooms of the house. If you want to see the graph, I'm sure he'll send it to you. He's quite proud of it.

Well, that's about it for this week. I hope everyone's doing well!



Some cute pictures of the kids that R-- took last time she and T-- came up for a visit. Please disregard Ruby's filthy coat, or consider it a charming facet of her personality. Whichever.


Happy Birthday, Moses!

Moses had the good luck to have a string of birthdays this year. On Saturday he had grandmas and grandpas come up for dinner, cake and ice skating. On Monday we celebrated his birthday as a family, and on Tuesday Woo took him up snowboarding and to lunch for his Daddy Day/Birthday.

I could never get Moses to tell me what he wanted to eat for his birthday except blueberry cake or cinnamon rolls. So we had pound cake with blueberry sauce after dinner with grandmas and grandpas and cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs for dinner on Monday.

It seems like Moses has been 2 years old for a long, long time.
Woo: Moses, I remember you as a baby, and then as a 2 year old for the last 6 years. There's nothing in-between. 
It really does seem like he's been with us for much more than 3 years.

Yesterday during scripture time we were trying to explain to Ruby and Herbie what peace is.
"It's when kids are playing quietly." 
"When no one is arguing. Everyone is getting along." 
"No one is fighting." 
"Everyone feels good." 
And Moses blurted out, "Oh! This is it!"
We all turned to look at him.
"You think we're having peace now, Moses?" 
Overheard in the next room:
Ruby: Moses! You just stepped on my foot, and it hurt me a lot! You need to give me a hug and kiss! 
Moses: *smack* 
Ruby: You forgot one thing! You forgot the most important thing! 
Moses: Sorry. 
Ruby: Thank you! 
*little feet pattering away*

I told Ruby that if she could lace up and tie her ice skates herself, she and Herbie could go to the rink by themselves. She sat on the rug and after about 20 minutes of some frustration had it. She took the skates off. Herbie carried them for her, and they took off, feeling very grown up.

I looked out the window twice. The first time, Ruby was seated on the bench working on her skates, Herbie was running around, and there was one older kid.

The next time, Ruby had given up, and they were all running around.

Soon after, Ruby and Herbie burst into the house full of stories of the big kid, at one point saying something about him throwing a knife at them. WHAT!?! That immediately got my attention, until I saw the plastic knife of ours in Herbie's pocket, and they explained he was just returning it after Herbie dropped it. Whew!

Herbie struggles with jealousy. Someone else's birthday is almost certainly a tough day for him. He did pretty well this year with Moses', no tantrums or hitting, at least, but I could tell he still was bothered by it.

On Saturday after everyone had left, he sat on the couch with a frown and his eyebrows furrowed together. I took him on my lap, and made a few inquiries, where he admitted that he wished it had been his birthday. On Monday he had a hard time leaving Moses' new fire truck alone.

Herbie's primary teacher told him that he needs to read the scriptures every morning by himself, so this morning before breakfast he got his scriptures and picked out words that he recognizes. Mostly just a few sight words and "Moses" and "Jesus." 

Linus got that I've-just-been-weaned-so-now-I'm-going-to-get-sick illness this weekend. He started out kind of cranky on Thursday, a fever and pink eye in one eye Friday, and both eyes yesterday and today. He just sits in one place on the floor with a miserable look on his face. On one hand it's sad, and yet it's also so cute.

I like how he likes to just sit in my lap or lean his head on my shoulder, and he'll almost, almost just fall asleep in my lap. Last night I also had a dream that I think I've had with each of the kids where he had a disfiguring, seeping rash on his face. I know it wasn't real, but it woke me up a few times last night.

Ruby and Herbie got a fever today. They're pretty miserable and listless. I hope it's over soon!

Apple contacted Woo last week and scheduled a phone call. He was very, very nervous, imagining it had to do with the U-- thing or worse. He couldn't concentrate on anything for a couple of hours before, and we all said prayers for him. He emerged from the call relieved and embarrassed.

After he'd spilled his guts and rambled on about every possible complaint they could have with his app, they told him they were looking at featuring his app, and to keep them posted on any new updates he had coming out.

And the update... is still in development. Even though Woo's working on it a lot, and getting erratic amounts of sleep, he doesn't feel like he's making much progress on it. We all hope it makes some soon, he's gets pretty stressed out while working on updates.

The electricians came this week, and we're now just waiting for the carpet to move the kids into their rooms and Woo into his office! They're scheduled to come a week from tomorrow. I really need to get the new trim painted before then, and I've finished all the trim upstairs. I just have Woo's office to do in a week.

I also painted two walls in one of the kids' room just for kicks last night. Painting with color is so much more fun!

I've also been enjoying quite a bit of chocolate now that I can. I think I've just about reached saturation, and can eat it at normal levels again. I've already gained 30 lbs this pregnancy, and I frankly just don't care. Controlling my weight has always been more trouble than it's worth for me while pregnant, and I gave up dreams of being a cute, slim pregnant woman long ago.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good week! Talk to you later!