Best Week Ever ???

Well, it depends on who you ask. I'm sure Herbie would say yes. Woo would say no.

Herbie was consumed with Kindergarten Round Up the first part of the week. He finally got to go on Wednesday, riding in the bike trailer with Woo. I think it met his expectations: play-doh, cookies, meeting the teachers and other kids, getting the kindergarten rooms tour, etc. He was given a packet of worksheets to do over the summer, that he immediately sat down and finished in about an hour after getting home.

After that he looked forward to the Elders Quorum pie party on Friday night, and the day after that was his Pretend Birthday! Grandmas and Grandpas and Grandma Marva were able to come and have dinner with us.

Herbie requested Strawberry Shortcake and salad? And he thanked me a couple of times during the day for making the salad. He was too excited to nap before they came, and had a good time while they were here.

Woo's snowboard woes continued... He decided to return the one from last week, and ordered a new one which came on Thursday. Thursday and Friday were his last snowboarding days of the season, so he put it all together, got dressed, and went in the afternoon. When he got home, he sat in the car for a long time.

We were all out enjoying the sunshine, so Herbie ran over to talk to him, and ran over, "Dad ran over a rock and broke his new snowboard!"

Oh, no?! Oh, yes!! 

I had a hard time not laughing, because honestly, could it have been any worse? But, Woo made a valiant effort to think positive. "Well, before this happened... I had more fun on this board then my old board. And it was faster then my old board. And I was having one of my best days. And not everyone gets to go snowboarding during the day..."

Paying a boatload of taxes, U-- threatening more legal action, slipping sales, and there's probably something else I'm missing (a grouchy, pregnant wife?), rounded out his week.

Linus and I got to go up and watch Woo take the other kids down the bunny hill one at a time on Friday. We left in a rush once we decided to go, and I forgot to pack a snack or lunch (and let's be honest, remembering to bring food on outings has never been one of my strengths).

We sped back, flagging down the Kindergarten bus at the last bus stop in the town, so Ruby could be on time to school. When she got home she informed us, "My stomach was hurting because you guys were mean and wouldn't let me have any food. They gave me chocolate milk and a granola bar in the office."

Great, now child protection services will be picking her up in the morning.

Ruby's been kind of moody this week. She cried as church was ending and the whole way home. I don't exactly know why, something Woo wouldn't let her do.
"I'm going to live with a different family!" 
Woo: Ok, you do that, Ruby. Go find a family that will let you do everything you want... talk through church... stand on the benches... 
It was too fun not to join in...
Me: A family that would let you eat candy all day... stay up all night...
She sulked outside in the rain, while the rest of us went inside, but she found it hard to keep up her scowl with everyone waving cheerfully from the window. She eventually came in, apparently feeling better.

I've reached the second cranky stage of pregnancy. When I'm in that middle part, I always think, Oh this pregnancy stuff is no big deal, I could do it 10 more times. But when I'm in that first or last three months, I'm glad to be through with it soon.

One reason why I've tried to have the kids so close is in the hope that none of the kids will remember me being pregnant. I'm just not my best mom, wife, person, well anything, except maybe baby incubator while pregnant.

Earlier in this pregnancy we thought I was getting better. Woo said, "You know, you've been grouchy, but not as grouchy."

And it was a compliment, but I think I'm starting to make up for it.

Linus decided this week that throwing tantrums was the new awesome. I started to put him in bed until he had calmed down. Luckily, it only took three times before he got the idea because carrying a screaming baby up a flight of stairs is a little rough on my pregnant body.

Linus cried while being carried by or sitting next to each of our visitors yesterday. The best was when an unsuspecting Grandpa Kip, who was just about to take a bite out of his hamburger, and Linus happened to look over and realize he didn't know who he was.

Grandma Marva eventually won him over by tickling his toes. Grandma Sandy won him over by yelling, "Rar!", and I don't know what the others did, but he seemed to decide they weren't as dangerous as they looked after a few minutes.

Moses is speedy gonzales on his little skuut. We put him on the bigger one that we have with the wheels full of air, and he loves to get going as fast as he can, and then veer off the side of the street into the grass. I think he thinks he's off-roading. He keeps asking us, if he's going to get to ride the pink bike this year (our smallest pedal bike), and the kids have named it Lil' Pinker (after the Lil' Rippers that the two older kids have). I think we'll probably get him started soon. Maybe when Woo's done with his update and has more time?

Anyway, that's about it. I hope everyone had a great week!