Happy Birthday, Herbie! Happy Easter Everyone Else!

Herbie finally turned five. He spent the whole day yesterday smiling. We think in anticipation of his big day. He opened presents from us first thing in the morning, and we ate ice cream for breakfast, since we wouldn't get a chance to celebrate later in the day. He was thrilled to be sung to by the whole primary, blew out candles on cupcakes in his class, got a present from the Bishop, and was wished Happy Birthday from everyone everywhere. It doesn't look like a Sunday birthday was a drag.

Woo finally finished and submitted his iPad update this week, so he was able to take a bit of a breather and relax a bit this week.

He was one of the first on the scene at the park after our short microburst that blew over a half dozen large trees in the park. One or two vans from every news channel was here, as well as major state newspapers, which we thought was hilarious because trees blew over in the park every spring in St. Louis and it was never news unless one of those trees killed someone.

We did like clean up here better. Friday a crew from Weber Co. correctional facility came and did a lot of chainsawing for free. Then Saturday morning doughnuts and orange juice were served to everyone in town who came to help clean up.

Ruby gave a talk this Sunday. I kind of dropped the ball in that I forgot about it until Saturday, but that was enough time for her to memorize it. We were luckily able to come up with something that included President Uchtdorf, Easter and our current scripture.

Sunday morning she gave us some grief, which I finally recognized as her way of dealing with nerves, so I mostly ignored what she said and gave encouragement instead.

She did a wonderful job, getting stuck on only one word. She asked Herbie for help, but he wouldn't so I walked up to give it to her and sat back down.

One thing I like about kids memorizing talks is that their delivery is so much better. Two other kids also gave a talk or scripture, and I have no idea what they said, but Ruby took her time and was very clear.

A couple of evenings this week, I walked into the bathroom to get the caulk gun to start wall prep in my bedroom, but the siren song of the jetted tub lured me in, and I ended up taking a hot bath instead. I've slowed down quite a bit this week, but still managed to completely clean out our bedroom and unpack four more boxes.

In some ways Moses is our most affectionate child. He'll often say "Mom (or Dad), I love you!", "Mom, I like you!", and "Mom, I want you!".

We're not quite sure what he means by that last one, but a hug or hand squeeze seems to satisfy him. 

Moses is also very concerned about what I'm making for dinner, and asks me what we're having a couple of times everyday. When he finds out he either says, "That's a yum dinner, Mom!" or gets mad and says, "That's a yuck dinner!"

Linus always stops whatever he's doing and comes to rapt attention when he hears the baby's heartbeat at my midwifery appointments. Does it trigger some memory or is it just an interesting sound to him? He's quite intrigued by it.

Anyway, that's about it for the week.