Random, Scattered Thoughts...

Well, we've decided to take the plunge and start shopping at Costco. One, we're now buying enough food to make it worthwhile and two, our Visa that was giving us 5% back on groceries has decided to no longer offer us that deal. I guess they finally figured out that the $20 something they made off of us wasn't worth the $900+ we made off of them. So we no longer have any hang ups about using the American Express.

I finished painting the other kids' room, put a new coat of paint on the crib and bunk bed, and got them set up (one of the few jobs that's taken less time than I estimated, yay!). The kids are now settled in their bedrooms.

Linus finally graduates from the bouncy seat to crib at 15 months, and Moses graduates from the crib/playpen to bunk bed at 3. 

Ruby is actually sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor of her room. We're still working on a twin bed for her. Herbie has been so, so excited to finally sleep on the top bunk, and asked me everyday this week when it would be put together.

He helped me carry the pieces into the room, and watched my every move and handed me whatever I needed, until they were put together.

Spring seems to be here finally. We just have a tiny patch of snow left in the yard. Herbie and Moses have gotten out their shorts and sandals, and have insisted on wearing them any day where the temps have been in the 50s or higher.
"Mom, it's summer now!" 
Moses is constantly asking to go for a bike ride. Even today during the snow flurries.

I was awakened Friday morning by Ruby.
"Mom! I'm all grown up now!" 
"Happy Fools Day!!!" 
She's been so excited for April Fools, she even told her teacher all her best jokes the day before.

Herbie memorized our new scripture (Jn 13:34) after we read through it twice. Wow! Memorization seems to be one of his strengths. While Ruby seems to understand what is being said better.

Woo and I also notice the difference between the two while watching them play with TinkerToys. Herbie always whips out the little bike that Woo and I have made in the past and he's memorized. Ruby fiddles around making assorted things.

Yesterday she made a family that I was quite impressed with. You could actually tell a man, woman and baby before she even told me what they were. Of course, Herbie eventually gets down to creative play, and Ruby gets stuff memorized, but their initial preferences are different.

Woo wonders if Moses is going to be the best snowboarder or if he's the perfect size for the board or something else. He's the best kid at turning, can do it on demand, and hardly ever falls.

Woo is quite pleased with the fact that he can now coast most of the way home from SnowBasin. He only has to use the gas twice in strategic areas. That will probably save us $.50 a year...

He also bought a new snowboard yesterday. He's not really pleased with that, but he finally realized that he was wasting time trying to find the best possible deal, and should just get one. He immediately had some regrets, but didn't cancel the order. I think he'll get over it.

Linus was sick again this week, but it only lasted a couple days, and he felt better in time to crawl around outside on the days when we had nice weather. I've come a long way... putting him in dark colored pajamas and letting him crawl through slushy snow patches (which he didn't much like), damp grass, whatever he felt like.

Woo, Herbie, Moses and Linus got their annual haircuts in between sessions of General Conference. 

When Woo said, "Ok, kids! Everyone who got their hair cut get in the picture!" And Ruby started to cry. She really wanted another haircut. I thought about giving her a short haircut, if she let me pick out all her clothes, and she liked that idea, but Woo said that her current length was the shortest he wanted it to go.

Sorry, Ruby. I guess you're going to have to wait until you're 18 to get the buzz cut you've always wanted.

Ruby put on her suit to watch conference in. We went to the park Saturday evening, and Woo heard some kid ask Ruby, "Did something special happen today? Why are you wearing a suit?" Unfortunately he didn't catch the reply.

I'm officially in the big, awkward stage of pregnancy. I don't much want to move once I've parked myself down. Luckily, my kids are still young enough that they enjoy fetching me things when I need them.

Anyway, sorry for the stream-of-conscientiousness letter. Hope everyone had a good week!