We had a couple of days of pretty heavy snowfall at the end of the week. Woo stared at the window, and said, "I hate this. I just hate this," and then went snowboarding for a couple of hours.

His new snowboard came this week, but was missing some bolts for the bindings. When he called, they said they could send some in a couple of weeks... errrr! He may have to finish out the season on his old board.

I suppose I should be mad about the snow, but I'm really not. For me spring means some awesome days, some so-so days, and some lame days, and the snow is much prettier and less depressing then rain. It's all gone today, anyway.

I did happen to buy a kids' snow shovel on clearance at the store earlier in the week, and Herbie's been able to get some good use out of it. Since the snow wasn't sticking to the walk, he shoveled a path all around the house, a path for the bikes out of the shed, and he cleared off a good patch of grass for us. He shoveled pretty much any free second he had... running out immediately after his nap before even having a snack, "I need to go finish shoveling, Mom!"

Woo told him that someday he might be able to earn money shoveling for the neighbors, and the first chance he got, he went over to the neighbors to see if they needed him to shovel their yard. He was told that they didn't want the grass shoveled, and there wasn't any snow on the sidewalk, but to come back, if we got more snow. 

The kids took a week to get used to their new beds/rooms, which means they had a hard time settling down, and woke up an hour early every morning. It was like a bonus daylight savings transition for me! Wednesday and Thursday were pretty obnoxious (also in part to an Ikea run Tuesday), but they finally broke down and slept in on Friday. Yay!

Moses was having a particularly hard time staying in bed. We could hear him running around upstairs, turning on lights, opening curtains, slamming doors, etc. We eventually came to discover that Herbie was telling him to do all those things, and Moses was too scared to say no.

Moses also had a severe phobia this week that anything Linus had in his hand was going to hurt Linus. He did a lot of crying and confiscating, which then had Linus crying. I'm hoping that a lot of it was due to sleep deprivation.

Ruby was invited to a birthday party this weekend. We originally thought we were going to miss it because we'd planned to go camping in Southern Utah. But, we cancelled (again!) last minute, when we realized that the weather was going to be bad.

Ruby was thrilled to be able to go. The morning of, she got up, picked a present out (an old book we never read), and wrapped it with a piece of orange plastic and blue masking tape. Then she made about 15 birthday cards. Woo and I were concerned that she'd end up being embarrassed by her present at the party, and Woo suggested to Ruby that L-- might not be excited about getting the book. 
"But Dad, it's a book we never read!"

Woo picked up a couple bags of candy on the way, and had Ruby seal them back up in her orange plastic. On receiving his cards Logan said, "Ruby! You can write much better then that!"

I guess he didn't realize that she was going for quantity over quality.

Linus has started to stand a little bit by himself. If he walks this month, he'll be right on track with all the other kids. But he crawled later, so I'm kind of expecting him to walk a little later too.

While at the pediatrician I filled at one of those questionnaires asking about health history --- asthma, allergic reactions, etc. One of the check boxes was "failed to walk by 14 months." I've never had a kid walk by 14 months, and frankly found that to be a pretty ridiculous cut off line.

Take your time, Linus. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Anyway, hope you all had a great week!