Just A Week

Hooray for Linus! He finally made it through all three hours of church without major effort on our part! He would've sat contentedly on my lap all of Sacrament meeting if Moses hadn't bitten his finger once (He decided to act like a lion while we were looking at a picture of a lion and a lamb. Thanks, Moses), and if the last speaker hadn't gone 10 minutes over. Linus started to get antsy right about when the meeting should've been over. It was wonderful!

Herbie finally was asked to give a scripture in Primary. He's known the scripture for days, even trying to teach it to Moses occasionally, and Woo was able to give him advice on delivery (look at people's eyes, speak slowly, etc.) that he was able to follow. He seemed to be mostly excited, and not nervous --- waking up this morning to excitedly remind me about it, and picking out a navy blue suit, blue and red shirt, and cowboy boots to wear for the big event.

He had the same anti-climatic moment that Ruby had the first time she gave a scripture, where he finished and waited for a few long seconds for some sort of reaction from the audience, but got none. Except that Herbie had the good fortune to have his sister giggle really loudly when he was done. I guess she was proud?

I organized a little play group/soccer league once a week for the kids Ruby and Herbie's age in town. They were super, super excited the morning of. We were the first ones there, and I think they wore themselves out a little bit, since they ran and kicked the ball at full speed for almost 15 minutes before anyone else got there.

Ruby, apparently, is only happy if she's on the winning team. One little boy was the star of the show, and Ruby had a great time when she was on his team, but when we switched her over to make things more fair, she suddenly didn't want to play ever again.

When we got home she talked about how mean A-- was, and how I didn't blow the whistle on him for pushing nearly enough. We got a new, bigger pair of cleats for her on Friday, and I think she's raring to go again.

Moses has gotten his plip-plops out for the season (although, he's getting a lot closer to actually saying flip flops). He loves those shoes, and even found the race car ones from last year that he calls his "Lightning McQueen plip-plops."

He will wear those things in rain, wet grass, etc. as well as nice weather. He tried to sneak them on in the house for a day or two until I took them away for half a day. I haven't seen him wear them in the house since.

My visiting teacher came over Monday night to help me paint the trim in my bedroom.

The bad news is: she spilled half a gallon of paint climbing off the ladder (it dropped mostly on drop cloths, and we were able to clean up the splatters pretty easily).

The good news is: she felt so guilty that she bought new paint and came the next morning to paint while I took care of the kids, and then brought her sister-in-law in the evening to finish the second coat.

I also finished the ceiling that night and I installed, caulked and painted the picture rail moulding later in the week. I'd be ready to start the wallpaper tomorrow or Tuesday, if I hadn't just discovered that I'd bought the wrong wallpaper paste for my paper, and won't be going down to Ogden until Thursday. So close ...

Woo has been dreading the rain because every time he looks out the window the grass is longer and longer. Luckily, there was a break in the rain yesterday before the grass got too long for him to handle with the push mower. He still had to raise the wheels and mow it on the highest setting, and he anticipates having to mow it again in a day or two. It sure is pretty and green, though. I personally have enjoyed the rain because it meant that I didn't have to water the fruit trees or berry bushes, all of which have little buds or leaves, and seem to be establishing themselves.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good week! I'll talk to you all later.