Miscellaneous Miscellany

Ruby had her kindergarten program last week. You might think that a group of kindergartners on stage would be a riot, but no. They all sat quietly in hypnotic trances staring into space, a kid or two smiling widely or concentrating hard on the words of the song.

But not Ruby. She hopped, fiddled, waved her arms, giggled, her mouth gaping in a huge smile on the back row. When it was time for her part, her mind went blank, and she covered her mouth for several seconds before rattling it off.

Her teacher: I don't know what got into Ruby! She always did her part perfectly during practice.

The other parents: That Ruby sure has a lot of energy!

After getting off the phone with K--, Woo made an announcement at dinner, "Well, kids. We've just turned down a mini van. A free mini van."
Ruby: "Yay!!!" 
Hmmm... something tells us you didn't really understand what he said, Ruby.

Herbie noticed the G on the mountain driving up the Wasatch front. "Gee. j-j-j. Junior High!"
Ruby: "Mom!! Herbie's not ready for kindergarten!!" 
Herbie's primary teachers absolutely love him. Every time they see us they tell us how wonderful he is. They love his answers and that he brings his scriptures every week. They thought it was hilarious this week that he knew who Laman and Lemuel were, and he'd told them that "Laman was a bad boy!"

They were so impressed that he could name President Uchtdorf in a picture of the first presidency. I guess they're not aware of the enduring popularity he enjoys among certain young members of this family.

Although, Herbie can also identify Boyd K. Packer. I personally would've been more impressed with that. The kids once asked to watch some of my seminary videos, and they love the "Spiritual Crocodiles" one.

Woo once asked, "Who do we know who's been to Africa?" And Boyd K. Packer and Curious George topped the list.

Moses has really been tearing it up on his little skuut, so he got to try out "Lil Pinker" the pink pedal bike a little bit for his Daddy Day this week. He was super excited, jumping up and down and shouting, "I get to ride Herbear's... (bike. I assume. He didn't finish the sentence.)"

Ruby and Herbie were equally as excited for him. Woo and Moses worked on it for a half hour or so, but Moses' doesn't seem to be quite ready. He doesn't really get the pedal motion, so it looks like it will take a bit more work to get him riding a two wheeler then the other two (he is a year or two younger then they were, though).

Woo used Linus in his object lesson in Sunday School today. He cut a small hole in a box and placed a treat inside. The idea was for Linus to stick his hand in, grab the treat, and then be unable to pull his fist back through the hole with the treat still inside. Linus outsmarted him though. He refused to even put his hand in the hole, and kept trying to crawl around to the other side of the box, which was open. We weren't expecting him to be so smart.

He's at that stage where he loves to pick things up and put them in a bowl or cup, etc. He's great at helping to clean up game pieces, but you have to put the lid on the game as soon as he's done or he'll reach in, grab a fist full, and scatter them all over the floor for some more pick-up fun.

U-- refuses to give up. They've doubled down and threatened suit if Woo doesn't remove their streams by Monday. All the other companies that have threatened have given up when shown how ooTunes is doing nothing illegal, but these guys don't seem to get it.

He had a rough day or two trying to decide what to do (just back down and remove their streams even though he'd done no wrong, or stand strong), and not hearing back from any of the lawyers he'd tried to contact. He did get in touch with a lawyer in St. Louis (recommended by his good friend) and decided to stand strong. I think he's a peace with his decision because he's been a lot happier since then.

I had my birthday this week. For my actual birthday I decided to do as little work as possible. We ate donuts for breakfast and had ice cream with strawberries for dessert. Mom drove up with some plants around noon, and that was about it. Woo watched the kids for several hours on Friday for my birthday/mothers' day gift, and I spent some time by myself shopping, and killing time --- something I don't get to do very often these days.

I found out my iron is low at my last midwifery appointment, which I should've known if I'd thought about it at all. I've been really tired the last couple of weeks, with things like climbing stairs, standing to do dishes, going for a walk, etc. totally exhausting me. I started taking supplements Friday, and today is the first day that I've started to feel better. Yay! I had to supplement my iron while pregnant with Linus as well, but not with the other three kids. I wonder if it's partially caused by having the kids close together because I don't think that my diet is significantly different now.

Anyway, I hope that everyone enjoyed their Mothers' Day or Sunday, whatever the case may be! Later!