Pretty Uneventful Week

Ruby finished off her first year of school this week. Woo got to go "help" with field day. I was envisioning mini-marathons, relay races between classes in each grade, 100 yd dashes, etc. But, I guess field day is now a carnival. Ball and bounce pits, a magician, a dance, etc.

She finished off the year with a whole lot of 4s (1-4 is the grading scale), and a handful of 3.5s. Neat handwriting and the word "with" seem to be her downfalls.

Herbie's most notable soccer skill is his ability to score goals for the other team. He does it several times each game, and even with every parent there yelling at him, he goes for it anyway. By now it's almost a source of pride for him.

I think that a) He doesn't have the skills yet to stop the momentum of the ball or change it's direction while running, and b) When he's alone in front with the ball, he doesn't care who's goal it is. He's going to go for it.

Moses had more success with Lil' Pinker this week. He can't start or really stop (other than crash) by himself yet, but with a push from Woo he can pedal it down most of our street.

Moses had an outburst in church today that would've normally made us mad, but because it was timed perfectly to end a boring, meandering meeting that was in serious danger of going WAY overtime, probably the entire congregation was grateful.
Moses (whispering): I need to go potty. 
Woo: Shhh, Moses. 
Moses (yelling): I'm going to pee my pants!! 
Woo: I just took you right before Sacrament meeting. 
Moses (yelling): I don't want to pee my pants!! 
Herbie: I'll take him. 
Moses and Herbie left the chapel (Moses simultaneously beaming and holding his crotch), several people chuckled, and the speaker got the message and quickly wrapped things up.

Linus has been doing quite a bit more standing without support. He did take two steps all by himself once, but as Woo predicted he would, he got so excited --- bouncing and laughing --- that he was incapable of repeating it. 

I tried out pediatrician #4 with him this week for his 15 month checkup. After an hour and a half, I told them that I really needed to leave, but it took me another 10-15 minutes to finally break free.

I didn't realize how good we had it in St. Louis. I don't understand why our appointments here take sooo long, why everyone freaks out about every little thing (this one actually mentioned "early intervention" (for autism, I assume?) because he isn't walking or saying many words yet.

What's wrong with waiting and seeing a few more months (especially if the parents aren't concerned?), and why do I always walk out of there with 4-5 prescriptions that I didn't ask for and I'm never going to use. Maybe the fifth time's the charm?

One of my failings as a parent is teaching my kids to tie their shoes. Ruby can do it, but it's painful, and she avoids it at all costs. Herbie has had one demonstration. I'd rather potty train, or make them memorize something, or teach them just about anything else, but whenever I'm reminded that they can't tie their shoes yet, it's just a bridge too far, and I'm overwhelmed. I'm kind of hoping that it's something they'll just pick up by themselves at some point. That could happen, right??

Woo's favorite wind down activity the last couple of weeks has been the game Coin Dozer on his iPhone. Coin Dozer is designed like many apps, in that the basic game is free, but then you need to pay money to get more coins or play a more advanced game.

Woo has found ways around that by downloading free versions of Cookie Dozer (which makes him hungry), Halloween Coin Dozer, Easter Coin Dozer, etc. There are so many different versions of Dozer, that he plays his fill without paying a cent. His love of the game makes us wonder whether he'd be a gambling addict if he weren't so cheap, knew the odds of actually making money, and a couple of other things that are standing in his way ...

Anyway, that's about it. Talk to you all later.