A Week In June

Woo noticed a wound on Herbie.
Woo: Herbie, where'd you get that scrape on your chin? 
Herbie (shrugging shoulders): I think when I was watching a movie. 
Woo: Nooooo. 
Herbie (thinking): It started hurting when I was reading a book. 
Woo (look of disbelief) Herbie: I think the book did it. 

Herbie (after much contemplation, possibly trying to come up with some situation where he'd be able to use the master bathroom ... ): Mom, every time there's a spider on our toilet seat and the other bathroom's locked, I'm going to use your bathroom. 
Me: I think you'll be able to take care of the spider, Herbie. 

I usually ask the kids what they learned about in primary/nursery while we eat Sunday dinner, and Moses usually tells me that he learned nothing. He insists that they didn't even have a lesson, but today he had an announcement to make.
Moses: Mom, we had a lesson today! It was color! 
Me: Color? 
Moses: Oh, no. It was Jesus. 
Moses likes to tell jokes, which are hard to write about because what he says is not necessarily funny, but his facial expressions are. He has a goofy smile and way of rolling his eyes when he's pulling your leg that reminds me of that character Squints in the movie The Sandlot.

Linus is really, really close to walking. He likes to stand up in the middle of the floor and take a couple of steps when we're all gathered together for story/scriptures before bedtime. I think he likes the audience. The problem? He won't lift his right foot off the ground, so once he stands and takes a couple of steps with his left he's pivoted in a circle. Which is excuse enough for him to fall to the ground and giggle. Next week or the next he'll have it.

He's also saying his version of Mom, Dad, shoe and no. I think he might also be saying Ruby. I'll have to pay more attention this week.

Ruby is going through a bit of a withdrawal from school, I think. The social scene at home is not quite what it was during the school year. She asks me almost everyday for me to arrange a play date, but the things that we do do (soccer, playing with other kids at the park, library summer reading program, etc.) she doesn't seem to recognize as her time to interact with other kids.

The play dates we have tried to arrange this week have not worked out. She's probably the polar opposite of me in this respect, and luckily I have Woo to guide me a bit on kids and their friends.
Me: What are you most excited about for 1st grade next year, Ruby? 
Ruby: My new lunch box (which she's already picked out). Eating lunch at school. And playing on the other playgrounds. 
Snow Basin reopened for the weekends because of record snow still in the mountains. Woo went yesterday for an hour or two. It wasn't the best snow, etc. but, I think he still had fun.

He received bad news from the lawyer he'd put on retainer for the U-- fiasco. As far as we know, all he did was send a letter and make one phone call, but he sent a bill for 22 hrs and over $7,000. That pretty much ruined his day, as you can imagine.

My goal was to finish my bedroom by the end of May. I've moved the deadline to the end of June (is it the 19th already?!). I'm done painting. The wallpaper is done. Our bed is put together. New doorknobs installed, etc. But, I still have a bunch of small details (like the light fixture) that I hope I can get done in a week or so.

Anyway, that's about it. Talk to you all later. Hope you had a great Fathers Day!