All About Food: A Riveting Account Of Our Eating Preferences

We started getting Bountiful Baskets a couple of months ago. For those of you who don't know, it's a produce coop, and we get fresh produce once a week that we pick up at the fire station. We like it because the prices are good, we get produce once a week (instead of once every other week, when I go grocery shopping), and we get to try new things.

The first week I ordered the basket, I also ordered an additional 40 lbs of bananas. The bananas arrived ripe and ready to eat, and it was a race for us to get them all finished before they went bad (and I was forced to make banana bread). Each kid ate about 3 bananas a day. I believe Woo once ate 6 in a day, and I'm happy to say that they got the job done without me having to eat any!

A much more happy extra order was 20 lbs of blackberries. They were gone in 2 or 3 days without any prodding. Woo even complained that we didn't save enough for him.

Herbie seems to have inherited my produce tastes, in that he's kind of picky about what fruit he likes, but he likes vegetables. The banana week was a trial for him. He also would rather not eat cantaloupe, mangoes, peaches, apricots, and occasionally apples. On the other hand, he loves salad, took thirds of asparagus, always eats his spinach, and a few other things I wouldn't expect a kid to like.

Ruby will eat anything. I'm mostly surprised that she loves and requests grapefruit (is that normal?), tomatoes, chives and sour cream. She says that she likes spinach, but I suspect that she's not telling the truth on that one. I think that someone somewhere got it into her head that it's cool/good to like spinach, because despite what she says it's usually the last thing on her plate. One thing she doesn't like that there's no pretending about is pasta. She never eats many noodles.

The last month or so of Bountiful Baskets we've gotten 2 heads/bundles of (mostly) romaine lettuce or swiss chard or spinach. That's meant a lot of salad for us (basically as a side for every dinner).

This has been really, really hard for Moses because he HATES salad! Included with that has been Woo's favorite onion, the red onion, and coincidentally, Moses' arch-nemesis. Woo got him to eat them one day by calling them "purple race car onions," which fooled Moses once, but not twice; although, the name has stuck.

But, I *think* that Moses has started to resign himself to his lot, eating his salad the last couple of days without too much complaint. I'm tempted to say that he loves all fruit and hates all vegetables, but he does like corn, peas and carrots in any form.

Woo has always wished we had more fresh produce, and I think in a lot of ways, he's in heaven. The range of stuff that we have in the house has greatly increased over what I was buying just on my own, and he loves to just snack on it. He's the kind of person that peels and salts a cucumber or grabs a leaf or two or three of lettuce for a quick snack or eats a peach after dinner. The only thing we've gotten that I've had more of a taste for than him is the jicama. He thought it was too sweet for what it is. 

Linus hasn't really shown a lot of preferences/dislikes yet. He eats pretty much anything that his 8 teeth can handle (He's also currently getting 3 molars!). He'll even eat a few purple race car onions dispersed in a black bean salad. He is eating fewer bananas then he was accustomed to, but he's not complaining about the cantaloupe and other fruit that has replaced it.

Anyway, that's about it. Maybe I'll have something more amusing to write about next week :).