Memorial Day

Our town had a special Memorial Day celebration where they dedicated the new veterans' memorial in the cemetery. Marlin K. Jensen gave the dedicatory prayer. Our neighbor read a poem. A horse and soldier sculpture was unveiled. There was a 21 gun salute, the pledge of allegiance, the Star Spangled Banner (which Ruby sang with gusto thanks to learning all three verses in kindergarten), and it was just generally a pretty nice ceremony for us to take the family to.

We decided to ride our bikes, and it started to rain on our way there. A cold rain. Ruby cried up the last hill because her little hands were cold. One of our neighbors pushed her up the hill while I rode beside her, and after a couple of minutes wearing my gloves, Woo's hat, and sitting on my lap, she was fine.

Herbie was very nervous when he saw the the veterans standing in a line with their rifles.
Herbie: Are they going to shoot us? 
Me: No. They're going to shoot into the air. 
Herbie: But, then it will fall down on us. 
Me: No. They'll shoot over us, and they won't be shooting real bullets anyway. 
Herbie (after some thought): So, they're not bad? 
Me: No. They're good. They fight for us. 
And he didn't have any fears after that.

Moses is the one who cried while they were shooting their guns (I guess we forgot to prepare him?). Woo held him, and finally got him to cover his ears, but then he refused to uncover them after they were all done.

Linus didn't do more than blink an eye. He was busy playing with the handle of an umbrella that another neighbor had left by us. Soon after the neighbor returned for his umbrella. Linus looked up at him. The neighbor looked down and smiled. Linus burst into angry tears, and I had to stand up and leave, missing the entire dedicatory prayer.

The rain started up again for our ride home. Some other neighbors tried to convince us to let them drive us home. They probably thought that Woo was hard-core, but they definitely thought I was crazy for a) riding a bike while pregnant, and b) riding a bike in the rain.

"No" just wasn't cutting it until I finally said, "I know it's hard for you to believe that I want to ride my bike home in the rain, but I do."

They said, "You're right. It is hard to believe", but they finally left me alone.

We did let Ruby and Herbie ride home with them, though. Woo and I enjoyed our ride home, wondering what was so bad about it. Linus fell asleep and Moses sang in the trailer. Ruby and Herbie weren't at home when we got there, because they'd taken them home to feed them each their own personal "volcano" cake.

That's the kind of thing that makes our kids think they drew the short stick in the parent lottery. Parents who make you ride your bike in the rain and eat lettuce for a snack (ask Woo) vs. parents who drive you around and make you fun little lemon or chocolate cakes. Which would you choose?

Anyway, that's about it. Hope everyone had a great week!