The Week After

We've had a fun and busy week --- lots of visits from family and the like. Penelope slept great every night this week except last night. I don't know what the problem was, but I guess you're allowed a bad night or two when you're 10 days old.

I don't particularly like the name Penny and I was hoping that if we shortened Penelope's name that we could call her Pippi, but so far Penelope is working for us, and we haven't shortened it at all. We also have never called her Linus. Calling a new baby the name of the kid previous has been a problem for us in the past.

I live in a house with a scale for the first time in, well, ever, so it's been kind of fun to see how the weight comes off. Woo made sure I weighed myself the day after Penelope was born. I'd lost 15 lbs, and he became the heaviest person in the family once again. I've lost an average of a pound a day since then; although, one day I lost 4 and some days I lose none. 25 down --- 35 to go.

Woo's friend Tice came up on Tuesday to help Woo pour concrete for our kitchen cabinets. If we were really motivated, we could have had them installed by now, but they're still taking up most of the kitchen floor due to our disagreement about dishwashers (has been resolved) and indecision about what needs to be done next. Hopefully, they'll be up this week.

The Young Women in the ward called and asked if they could watch the older kids for their weekly activity. It worked out perfectly on the day Woo was pouring countertops and I took Penelope in for her newborn checkup (I did finally find a pediatrician that I like, btw. He reminds me a bit of K--, Woo's brother, which probably helps.)

The girls in the ward were so excited and they just dote on Linus. The other kids told us that someone was always holding him. Someone had changed his diaper, which I'm sure was unnecessary, and when the leader sent him home with some girls for his nap, 4 of them came, each of them with a hand on his stroller.

Ruby cut her hair again Thursday morning. The first consequence that came to mind was that she had to wear a skirt or dress everyday until her hair grew back out. 

As I stuffed her pants, shorts and t-shirts into a garbage bag she cried and cried, "All the kids are going to laugh at me and make fun of me! Nobody wears a skirt or dress to school! They're going to make fun of me!"

Er, Ruby, if they make fun of anything it's going to be your hair, not your skirt. I trimmed her hair a bit to keep the edges even, but I didn't trim as short as I did last time, and there are still quite a few chunks butchered in it. I looks really bad, I'll be honest.

Moses has had a whining problem for, oh, I don't know, my whole pregnancy? This week I finally had the motivation and energy to do something about it. We instituted the whine chair, and have tried to be diligent about putting him in it the second we hear him whine. He's been quite a bit better, only having to sit in it once today, and my mornings have been quite a bit quieter and less annoying.

I'm now trying to get on top of Linus', "No! NO!! NO!!!!" That he's developed in the last 3 weeks since he learned the word no.

After spending the morning with the Young Women, Herbie told us that one of them had drawn a heart with his name and her name in it in the sand at the park. Woo doesn't agree with me that Herbie is a ladies man, and I had to agree that he had a point today when Herbie found a pair of clear, protective goggles like I wore in chem lab on our walk, and wore them proudly all evening long.

But the truth is Woo's not a lady and I don't know that he would recognize a charmer if he saw one. I maintain that Herbie's shy, dimpled smile will serve him well, when he wants it to.

We enjoyed visits from Woo's parents, my parents, and L-- and B-- and kids this week, and that's about it. Hope everyone had a good week!