A Week

Ruby: I'm going to marry E--! 
Herbie: I'm going to marry B-- F--! 
Moses: I'm going to marry Mom! 
Me: Moses, did you know that I'm already married? 
Moses: Oh. I'm going to marry Dad.  
Woo took Ruby, Herbie and Moses camping Friday night. They were so, so excited, and packed clothes for the camp out as soon as they got up Friday morning.

When left to their own devices, Herbie packed 3 briefcase type bags with clothes, and Moses packed a plastic Mr. Potato Head case with a swimsuit.
Woo: As much as I'd love to have them pack themselves, they're ridiculous. 
Woo decided to bring the bikes and bike into the site, so he supervised the packing of bare necessities into backpacks, and they were off. Linus, Penelope and I went for a walk to the library and to the gas station for a treat, and I spent a quiet evening at home reading.

Ruby found a kids' bat and ball at the park during soccer and convinced her little friends to play baseball instead of soccer. I guess I've been projecting my own baseball failings on her because I was surprised to see that she loved it and she was actually quite good.

She initially tried pitching the ball from the pitchers mound, which was a flop, but once she moved closer she was able to pitch it accurately enough for others to hit it. She also hit every ball pitched to her on the first swing. Maybe we should take a second look at baseball for her.

One morning Linus, Penelope and I were alone in the house. As I went out the front door with the garbage, I heard Penelope wake up early from her nap and start crying. I hurried back to find Linus gone, and Penelope no longer crying.

I found Linus (who had crawled through the dining room, Woo's office, and our bathroom to get to her) standing next to Penelope's bouncy seat softly, softly patting her head. Penelope was fast asleep.

Well, that's about it folks. Hope you all had a great week!