And He Walks!

Linus finally decided to walk more than he crawls. Woo let him walk to and from church, which felt like it took an hour each way, but probably only took 10 minutes. He still likes to pivot on one foot for some abrupt direction changes occasionally, and he laughs and smiles and is just generally pretty proud of himself.

I've also been more consistent about putting him on the potty. He isn't trained, but he will definitely go on demand, and I've been able to keep him dry during the day for most of the week by putting him on before and after naps and going somewhere. I'll have to up the reward ... maybe Hot Wheels?

Penelope is still a baby. "Look at all that hair!" is what most people see when they first see her. It curled up very nicely for church today, which other people thought was adorable. It definitely looked like I'd done her hair, which, of course, I hadn't.

Penelope is my first burper. She's the first one who's needed to burp after every meal, and gets fussy when she has a burp waiting in her. Luckily, all I have to do is tip her up, and it slides right out.

Ruby's workbook asked her to draw a picture of a building in her community.
Ruby: Mom, does that look like a castle? 
Me: There's a castle in our community?? 
Ruby: Yeah, right there (pointing to our neighbor's house with a turret). 
Ruby and Grandpa Kip were discussing lawn mowing.
Grandpa Kip: Do they teach you how to mow lawns in school?  
Ruby: No. You learn that in college. 

Moses (with a sweet smile): I like your fat cheeks, Mom! 

The Tour of Utah looped through Huntsville three times on Wednesday. The kids were discussing their favorite part.
Moses: I liked the helicopter what was flying sideways. It was awesome! 

Herbie would love to be the oldest child in the family. In fact, I think he's kind of convinced himself that he is. Whenever anyone will mention that Ruby's the oldest, he'll say, "I'm the oldest too! Right, Ruby? I'm the oldest boy, and Ruby is the oldest kid!"

And Ruby, for her part, is more than happy to share some of the oldest credit with him.

Herbie is super, super excited for school and every aspect of it: buying school clothes, a new backpack, back-to-school night. He is constantly asking me which day what is happening and when.

Woo installed a dishwasher and the faucet on Thursday. That wonderful day ended 15 days of no running water in the kitchen, 15 months of hand washing all the dishes, and 7.75 years of coping with sub-standard dishwashers for me. I could probably be in heaven except that the grout I used to cover the seam in the countertops does not match at all, and the seal is giving me problems. Grrr ...

Woo's job and calling are not filling his social cup. He doesn't have anyone to go for a good ride with or do tricks on the rope swing with.

Friday afternoon he was really feeling low when some guy who's been out of town all summer, walked up and invited him to go wake boarding.

The glance we gave each other when he invited him made the guy think that he didn't want to go, and he kept apologizing to me for taking Woo away. If only he'd known ...

Anyway, that's all for our week. Hope everyone is doing well.