Another Baby?

Woo was experimenting with some nicknames for Penelope: "P-Lope? Lopee? P-Lo? I like it! Ruby, Herbie! Family council! The baby's new nickname is P-Lo!"

Moses ran in with a huge grin, looking all over the room: "P-doh! I want to see P-doh! Where is she?"

It's then that we realized that he thought we'd had another baby and named it P-doh. How would it be to just wake up in the morning with a new baby every few weeks? I'd probably have twice as many kids.
Woo: Moses, what would you do, if you were with some kids who were saying bad words. 
Moses: I would tell them to stop. 
And then I would spank their bums. 
(And yes, he knew he would get a laugh for that.)

We had two families recently move out of the ward leaving Moses all alone in nursery. So they were more than happy to take Linus a month early.

Today in Sunday School we could hear Linus yelling, "NO! NO!! NO!!!!" from down the hall. When we questioned the nursery leaders about it, they said, "You can tell those two are brothers. They argue over the same toys. At least Moses knows to trade, even if his trades aren't always very fair or very equal."

Thanks to help from K-- and A--, we lifted the countertops on the counters. Woo spent a lot of time in the day or so before reinforcing the cabinets, building a frame for the undermount sink, and planning every detail of the installation for ease and to keep the countertops whole.

Unfortunately, he knocked a chip near the sink trying to adjust the countertop with a board and hammer, and the two pieces didn't quite match up at the seam. After church today, he walked straight into the kitchen and walked out with the two pieces matching up. I don't know how he did it, other than work his fix-it magic, and I think I can repair the chip, so we're all good.

Siamese twins and death have come up quite a few times in Ruby's conversation this week. I don't know what's prompted it.
Friend: So this is it? You're done having kids? 
Me: That's the plan. 
Ruby: Yeah, unless she dies. 
Our next door neighbors have been doing a lot of yard work in preparation for their sons' wedding reception, and Herbie has been right there to help them when he can. I've gone out to find him pulling weeds and trimming plants with the mother, and walking directly behind the daughter as she mows the lawn (for moral support?).

Here're some pictures. Enjoy!