Lots of Moses

Woo: Herbie, are you going to be a better dad than I am? I hope so. 
Herbie (smiling): I'm going to be Superdad!! 
I was telling Ruby the names of the kids in Grandma's family---
Me: She has an older sister named C--, and an older brother named G--, and ... 
Ruby: Those don't even sound like names! 
Speaking of which ...
Moses was being harassed by a cute little boy at our neighbor's wedding reception. I walked past Moses swatting the air and yelling no.
Me: Moses, he's trying to be your friend! Why don't you ask him his name? 
Moses: No! 
Me: Why don't you ask him how old he is? 
Moses: No! 
I walked on. A minute later I looked to find them both playing happily on our swing set (It's all attitude, Moses).

Before bed I asked him, what was the name of your friend?
Moses: Peebalo 
Me: What? 
Moses: Peebalo 
Me: Oh. 
TMI(too much information)-Moses:
While driving down Ogden Canyon---
Herbie: Skunk! 
Moses: No, it's me, Herbie. 
Herbie: No, I smell a skunk! 
Moses: No. I had gas. 
Woo and Moses sitting alone at the table---
Moses: I had gas on the potty, Dad. 
Woo(reading something): hmm. 
Moses: No, I really did, Dad. 
Woo: Oh, I believe you, Moses. 

Moses: I peed out of my bum. 
Ruby: Was it hard? 
Moses: Yes. 
Ruby: Then it was poop. 
Moses: Poop isn't hard! It's squishy, like a alligator! 
Herbie and Woo currently have about the same fashion sense, which really worked out well when we went shopping for school clothes. The were both exceptionally pleased with the pearly-snapped western shirts, green, black and grey high-top Vans, and cool Monster truck t-shirt they found for him to wear to Kindergarten.

Linus loves dogs. And he loves cars. It should be obvious that Go Dog Go is his favorite book. He bounces on Woo's lap grinning wildly when he's not making motor or barking noises.

Grandma Marva came up with K-- and T-- for a quick visit. She brought Rio with her, and Linus had eyes for no one/thing else. He chased her around barking, giggling and giving her kisses and pats just like he does Penelope.

Penelope continues to be a great baby --- generally doing what we'd like her to do at this age --- sleep tons, eat, make loud funny grunting sounds occasionally ... She'd already gained 2 lbs at her 3 week checkup, so I'm sure she's up 3 lbs by now. 

Woo claims she's smiled at him, but I've never seen it. She's twisted her mouth almost to a smile with me.

The Utah Fast Pass made a stop in our town this week. We had a pretty cool car show here in the park for a few hours. The kids favorite part? The free toy cars they handed out to everyone. And the free t-shirts, hats, stickers, etc.

We were a bit of an attraction, as well, with many people commenting on the babies, the rest of our kids, Moses' Skuut, and Woo's low rider. Woo walked back over after the rest of us came home for naps/quiet time, and found that no one was interested in talking to him without the kids. Sorry, Woo.

1. Ruby sitting in $1.6M worth of Lamborghini
2. Ruby---the only one with the guts to ride in the Model-T
3. Sorry, best pic of the bunch, but that's Herbie, Moses and Ruby in that car
4. A little gift to Ruby from Woo