Ruby Starts School

Monday night we went to back-to-school night to meet Ruby and Herbie's teacher, and find out what bus they'd be riding.
Ruby (upon meeting her teacher): I'm Ruby! 
Mrs. C--: Hello, Ruby! I love your name! 
Ruby: I know! 
In her defense, she does get that a lot (which should've been a tip off to me that her name was going to become more popular than I'd like, but oh well).

Herbie and Moses were bitterly disappointed as we left.
Moses: I didn't get to play with anything! 
Herbie: I didn't even have recess! 
Ruby started school the next day.

Penelope's at that point were she needs to be fed once during the night sometime between 4-6:30am. If I let myself wake up too much while I feed her, I can't get back to sleep. I'd been up since 5 that morning, and I over-reacted when I saw that the particular kids at Ruby's bus stop don't really like her very much, so I spent the rest of the day feeling sad for my child who loved other kids, but no one loved her.

Thankfully, Woo reminded me that Ruby has plenty of friends, and these are the only kids we've ever seen that she couldn't make friends with. Plus, Herbie and one of her best friends, L--, will be starting Kindergarten next week, and they'll be at the bus stop with her.
Woo (when Ruby came home the first day): How was school, Ruby? 
Ruby: I get 2 recesses every day!!! For 180 days!!!
He didn't have the heart to tell her that he got 3 recesses a day at that age.

All we can ever get out of Ruby is a partial account of recess and a lot about how she wants a play date with whomever she rode home on the bus with.
Ruby: I talked to H--, and he's going to come for a play date. His mom isn't pregnant, and he doesn't have a new baby. 
Me: His mom isn't pregnant, and he doesn't have a new baby? 
Ruby: Yeah, I asked him, and that's what he said. 
I guess my pregnancy and Penelope have been my excuse for us not doing fun things too many times.
In some ways Ruby just isn't that into clothes. Or at least planning ahead.
Me: You can pick out your clothes and put them out for the morning. 
Ruby: Why? 
I guess I thought all kids did that. Herbie certainly knows what he's wearing the first day, and what he'd wear to Kindergarten assessment, and what he'd wear to back-to-school night. He correctly answered every question she asked him except his phone number and address. Which is entirely my fault. I've never even mentioned them to him before. (I have worked with him some on tying his shoes, and Ruby did miraculously learn by herself over the summer, by the way.) And then he picked up an official school paper with some rules on it, and he started repeating what he'd heard Ruby say the day before. His teacher was very impressed for a second there before I had to tell her that he wasn't reading it.

Ruby and Herbie keep telling Moses that when they're at school he's going to be the oldest kid at home (like it's awesome), and he's starting to get really excited about it. Except for the time when someone reminded him again, and I said, "Oh good! You'll be able to help me do all the cleaning!" 

And the smile on his face froze as he looked at me and wondered if I was being serious or not. Moses is actually my biggest shirker with picking up right now, and I'm hoping to help him get more on the ball when the other kids are gone.

Linus did a lot of whining the morning of Ruby's first day, and when we got out to the bus stop he was full out bawling. Not even a passing dog could cheer him up or distract him. We let him lay in the grass crying for awhile before I picked him up and deposited him in the living room before hurrying back to watch Ruby climb on the bus. He fell asleep, and ended up taking two naps that day. He shares a room with Ruby, and I can only assume that she didn't sleep well in her excitement, and made sure he didn't sleep well either.

Penelope has been giving almost-smiles to me, Woo, Ruby and Linus all week. She finally gave Woo and I a couple of real smiles today, but she's still not doing it regularly. She does a lot of mouth twisting and opening, as if she's trying to remember how to do it in between each smile.

I got another root canal last week and have spent a lot of time and money at the dentist's and endodontist's. It's true that pregnancy changes the pH in your mouth, and can weaken your teeth. But, it's also true that I eat more candy than I should while I'm pregnant. It hasn't been a good mix for me these last two pregnancies.

It's not what I would've chosen to do with $1500 or 6 hrs of alone time (essentially ... I took a sleeping Penelope with me), but that's the way it is. Woo spent a lot of time watching the kids, and then went boating for about 6 hrs on Wednesday to recover.

Woo's Dad sent him a clip of some guy on a trials bike that made him remember his glory days back in high school. As a result, he's decided to buy a trials bike, and has spent lots of time looking for the best bike/deal/etc. He finally found what he was looking for and took the plunge, but the site wouldn't accept our card (probably some anti-theft mechanism due to my recent large dental purchases). Even after calling the credit card company, getting it all straightened out, and having them manually add the charge, it wouldn't go through. Some might say it's a sign, but I'm pretty sure he's determined to get it by now. He'll work something out.

Well, that's about it. Just a reminder for those planning on coming to Penelope's blessing next week: It's next week, and Sacrament Meeting starts sometime between 10:30-10:45. See you then!