A Week

We currently have some cold or flu thing going around the house: achy, congestion, exhaustion, etc. I was actually the first to get it, and I just happened to be the most achy in my neck. Woo and I considered meningitis for about half an hour, and I realized for the first time that I'd actually rather not die right now or anytime soon.

After a nap it became pretty clear that I didn't have it. I got a new calling today: counselor in Young Women's. I've never had a real calling in Young Women's before, and it's probably safe to say that they're just as scared of me, as I am of them.

Woo's trials bike arrived from China this week, and he's ridden it almost every day. It's handy that the park is so close because there's a lot there to keep him busy, and the kids are always excited to go with him. He thinks he's just about as good as he ever was now, but he may have overdone it for the first week. He's battling tennis elbow, blistered hands, and a kink in his wrist. Herbie, of course, is now attempting to ride up stumps and the front steps, and Woo's attracted the admiration of some kids around town. It's probably only a matter of time before he has a posse of little boys following him around.

Linus' new thing is throwing trash away, which is pretty awesome when it's small bits of paper and fuzz, less awesome when it's toys and books. Linus got off to a good start in the hurdles at the Family Olympics at the elementary school until he reached the line of plastic buckets, where he was compelled to stop and stack them into a nice column. The lady supervising the race thought it was so cute, and kept talking about how it was such "an 18 month thing to do!" She's probably the only person ever to correctly guess Linus' age because he's such a shorty.

Herbie's extra good behavior at school has taken a toll on him at home, and he, of course, caught the bug I had. I got a call from the office to come pick him up on Friday. By the time I got there and he retrieved his backpack and we said a quick hello to Ruby in the lunch room, his teacher and class were walking out to the buses to go home.

Both Woo and I emphasized that he was sick because he was too wound up at home and not getting enough sleep, but he insisted, "No! I keep hitting my head on the wall in my sleep! That's why I have a headache!"

I asked Ruby if she liked her new teacher, Mrs. C--.
Ruby (sounding extremely bored): No. 
Me: No? Why not? 
Ruby: She's not funny. She makes us do work. 
Me: So, she's like me? 
Ruby: Yeah. It's like being at home. 
Of course, the night before we'd had one of her friends over to play and for dinner. We'd also had a visit from a friend of Woo's who drives a FedEx truck nationally. The kids got to tour the bunks and kitchen in the back of the cab. We rode the clown bike, and pogo sticks and skate boards while waiting for him. Her friend was certainly impressed. We heard all about it from his mom.

At school they got to bring a blanket to drape over their desk and read a story to their teddy bear in their fort. They do math with fruit loops, m&ms and cookies. Occasionally, Mrs. C-- disappears and they get a visit from "Mrs. Lee-diculous." Sounds kinda fun to me, but what do I know. Kindergarten was better?

For all my babies I make up a little ditty about them. Penelope's is to the tune of O Canada (O Penelope). It's kind of slow and a little grand, and Woo's not impressed, but he hasn't come up with anything better, so it stands.

Penelope got a bunch of shots this week, and had absolutely no reaction, not even grouchy, just like our other kids. She's still gaining weight, but is dropping in terms of percentile. I'm trying to feed her more than the other kids, but my efforts appear to be futile. I'm already dreading the six month visit where her weight will plateau for a bit, and despite being healthy and happy in every other way, the doctor will tell me I should be concerned.

Moses has certainly learned how to push Linus' buttons. In church today Woo was looking through the Friend with Linus. Whenever he'd see a dog or a car, he'd make the appropriate sound, which would prompt Moses to whisper, "No, dogs." or "No, cars." Which would apparently hurt Linus' feelings because he would cry.

Moses earned a sleepover with Woo for going to bed so well this week. They built a fort in the playroom and slept in sleeping bags. Woo started off by telling Moses a story, and then asked him to tell him a story. And then Moses told story after story, "When I was little, I had a car. And the car drove in the mud. One time when I was seven. I had a friend, and her name was ... Chelsey. And she was my Mom, and she was nice. One time when I was little ... "

At some point Woo thinks he fell asleep because he remembers Moses saying, "Dad! DAD!" before he too, apparently fell asleep. In the morning when I told Moses that I'd heard he'd told some good stories, he got an extremely proud look on his face, "Yeah."

Well, that's about it. I hope everyone had a great week! Sorry we missed the hike!