Labor Day And Other Stuff...

We spent this Labor Day doing actual labor. In the morning we went next door to watch our neighbors extract honey from their hives. Woo was hesitant to go at first, and then ended up staying a few hours there manning some thing that did some other thing that connected to some other thing that drizzled honey into buckets and jugs. He received a large bowl of honeycomb and honey for his efforts. Or maybe they gave it to us because the kids couldn't get enough honeycomb.

Afterwards we cleared out the carpet in the kitchen. Our friends had a dumpster we could use through Labor Day, and we wanted to get the carpet and bathroom vanity in it. Woo thought it would take 20 minutes. I thought it would take all day. So I estimated that it would take somewhere in between, which it did. But, it's gone---hooray!!

R--, the guy we hired, put in most of the floor yesterday, but can't finish up until Tuesday, so we have a few more days of the stove, the fridge, and everything else in the dining room. This may be the most uncomfortable arrangement yet.

Disciplining Linus has taken a pleasant turn this week. Whenever he cries because we've told him no, or he doesn't want to share or whatever, we say, "Go to bed, Linus. When you feel better come back down."

And he toddles off to the stairs crying all the way. We hear his cries going up the stairs and turn into his bedroom, where they stop. A minute later he appears at the bottom of the stairs with a huge smile on his face. So much easier than carrying him up the stairs ourselves. I hope it lasts awhile.

Herbie continues to tell us everything that's going on in school --- the route through the school he takes to get to the bus, the routine of the class, the relay they did in gym, etc.

I was wrong about him getting Student of the Month. That's what the explanation I got sounded like, but was some other award --- not as prestigious as Student of the Month --- and much more believable for the first week of school.

Herbie takes his schoolwork very seriously. He brings home everything to finish coloring every last detail at home, and gets very upset if anyone even thinks about throwing any paper he's brought home from school out.

I switched up the bedroom arrangement, and the good news is: Moses and Linus are getting more sleep because the trouble makers are contained in one room.

The bad news is: Ruby and Herbie still are having trouble settling down. We let them read in bed for a half hour, which worked like a charm the first night, but dissolved into a giggle/chat fest the next. They still haven't earned it back.

Other than that, Ruby seems to have kicked off her start-of-school spaciness and selective hearing, and has behaved exceptionally for the last couple of days. There's yet another boy that Ruby's talking about marrying. This boy has promised to become a pilot, and they'll live in an airplane in the sky. An irresistible offer, if I do say so myself. I'd forgotten how obsessed first graders are with who they'll marry, but I seem to remember the same at that age.

It took a whole summer, but Moses can now eat salad or vegetables without complaint. He saves it for last, but he gets it done. He's even decided that he likes tomatoes, and took seconds of those the other night, which was surprising to me.

Yesterday we had the town-wide garage sale. I rode the tandem with Penelope strapped on my belly for the first time. She did fine except for a few times where it was windy. If you blow in a newborn's face they'll hold their breath for a second or two, and the wind was causing her to do that more than she was comfortable with. I was starting to wish that I'd brought something to shield her with, and then it ended.

Well, that's about it. Hope you all had a good week!