Our family is still not quite right. I thought things were better after the long weekend, but by Wednesday, the kids were acting up again. Plus, everyone seemed to have perma-cold. I finally realized that I had to move everyone in the family to a 7am-7pm schedule. For some reason I was resisting, but there appears to be no other way. That means eating lunch, snacks, dinner, napping, everything an hour early, which feels way too early, but has to be done.

Yesterday was the first day we were able to do it, and the kids all slept about 13 hrs. Ahhhh! According to my calculations we'll all be completely adjusted just in time for the time change.

In other news we now have enough wheat, oats, flour, beans, sugar, etc. to feed 7 adults for one year. Let the apocalypse begin?

Ruby finally decided to be Pres. Uchtdorf, which was really easy for me. We already have lots of suits and ties.

Herbie is Neil Armstrong, but he doesn't like to tell people he's Neil Armstrong (even though he's the one who came up with it). He won't say astronaut either. He likes to tell people "space man." I don't know if he's dumbing it down or trying to make it cooler or what.

Moses is Incredible Hulk. He threw a couple of angry tantrums at the party we went to Wednesday night, which seemed completely in character.

Linus is Shirley Temple. He sure was a hit with some people, while others wondered if he'd have gender issues. If he remembers anything from this Halloween, I'll be very, very surprised.

Penelope is a lobster, strapped to me, a fisherman, and Woo broke out the ol' Roller-Derby Woo.

Woo seems to have done what I did a few weeks ago. A cold combined with sleeping on large, upright pillows seems to lead to a strained neck. He seems to be in a lot more pain than I was. He's spent a large portion of the day lying flat on his back, staring at the ceiling. He can't even sit up or get out of bed without my help. I usually end up laughing whenever I'm helping him because I feel like I'm married to the man in black from the Princess Bride.

Anyway, that's about it for the week.


Getting Better?

I think things are getting better. It's a little hard to tell because we've all had colds this week and we've all been pretty cranky. There's still way too many wet beds in my life right now, but they're becoming less frequent. The kids are definitely sleeping better which is really good news.

We tried putting the kids to bed earlier, using the Floppy Sleep Game, and having Herbie take naps again, but the best thing I did was section off a part of the playroom for Herbie to use as his bedroom. I wanted to put off using that room for awhile and wanted the kids to share, but Ruby and Herbie just could not leave each other alone, and it was hurting everyone. They now go right to sleep at 8pm, and sleep until 7:30-8am.

I had a couple of days there where it felt like we'd never get back on top of things, and I felt like everyone tells me I'm supposed to feel with 5 kids. After putting the kids to bed I'd lie in bed or the tub, too tired to even read (much), until I could take Herbie to the potty, feed Penelope one last time, and finally go to sleep. The last half of this week has definitely been better for me ... I'm reviving :).

I borrowed my friends' Bissell and shampooed the carpets. That has been so satisfying, not only to combat stuff inflicted by the kids, but we've had drywallers, plumbers, electricians, insulation installers, etc. up and down those stairs, and it was so nice to get the carpet clean again. The cold in the morning is a problem. I'm missing the 40 extra pounds I had last winter.

Woo's been sick, and staying up late working, and getting surprise bills from lawyers (surprise!). He finally admitted that he might consider going to law school someday, but only so he could get back at all the other lawyers in the world. It wasn't his favorite week either.

We did unpack about 5 boxes in his office, so it's about half cleared out and put away now. We went out Wednesday night to celebrate our 8 yr. anniversary (last Sunday). We went to DI (of course), and Outback. We don't eat out enough. It's kind of painful, both to our wallet and our bellies. Except for pizza. Woo has a standing order for a supreme Costco pizza anytime I'm in the area, and we have it about every two weeks.

Ruby: I pledge allegiance to the flag 
of the United States of America 
and to the Republic for which it stands, 
one nation and 
invisible witches for all! 
Ruby's had a very hard time settling on a Halloween costume. She started with George Washington, then an astronaut, elf, leprechaun, President Eyring, zombie, shark, and now President Uchtdorf. Looking at some old pictures today reminded her of her old glory days. Guess you'll have to wait until next week to see what she does. She's also had long stretches of being fantastic. She cleared the table and unloaded the dishwasher while I wasn't looking the day I was sick. It was wonderful.

We're loving the descriptions Herbie gives us of the other Kindergarten kids.
Herbie: There's S-- and R--. R-- always wears cowboy boots. 
Woo (laughing): Of course he does, Herbie! He's named after a gun! 
Herbie: S--'s big. Real big and tall. 
Woo: I wouldn't expect anything less from a boy named S--. 
Herbie: He has a mustache!
 That brought down the house.

Of course, when we actually met S--, he was a cute little kid, probably shorter than Herbie (no mustache). Perhaps even Herbie has some preconceived notion of what a S-- is supposed to look like?

Me (playing a game of "would you rather ... "): Herbie. Would you rather ... kiss K-- or D--? 
Herbie (before I was even done talking): D--!!! 
Moses might finally be done sucking his thumb? At least Woo and I haven't noticed it for awhile. It's a battle that Woo's worked long and hard on, and now maybe he's won?

I think that Moses' position in the family causes us to think of him as older than he actually is. Just the other day I reminded Woo that he was only 3. "No, he's not! He's 4! Isn't he?" Nope, he really is just 3, but I think that we group him with the older kids in our minds, and expect him to be a little older. Don't know if this is fortunate or unfortunate for him.
Moses: Mom! Ask me if anyone liked my suit! 
Me: Did anyone like you're suit today, Moses? 
Moses: Yes! My teacher! 
Me: What did she say? 
Moses: She said, 'I like Moses' suit.' 
Me: And what did you say? 
Moses: I said, 'Yeah, I look smashing!' 
Linus continues to win everyone over. I had two neighbors this week go on and on about how cute they thought he was. They always say, "He is just so cute! I don't know what it is ... "

I know what it is. It's his giant head on his little body, toddling around. His gigantic smile doesn't hurt either.

We've broken out the herringbone suit in the colder weather, and for some reason that really gets people. And the cowboy boots. And his little tie. They must be pretty high on the cute scale too.

Penelope has added laughing to her resume. Woo's the best at getting her to do it, but she's also laughed at me and Ruby.

Penelope is pretty cute from the front, but looking at her from the back or right side is not a pretty sight because of the giant bald spot she's rubbed into her hair. I suppose I could be more bothered about that than I am, but I know it will leave as soon as she learns to roll over. She can grow out her lovely locks then.

Anyway, that's about it for the week. Hope everyone's doing well. Talk to you later!



Well, the good news is ... we're alive. We're healthy. Penelope moved out of our room, no longer needing me at night, and I got organized. The bad news is ... everything else?

You would think that my life would get easier sending two kids off to school, but that has not been my experience. Things have been worse, much worse. The kids seem to have thrown their collective brains out the window.

Some of the fun we've experienced over the past two/three weeks: three kids peeing on the carpet in their rooms right before the start of General Conference, all kids over age 2 starting to wetting the bed (despite all of them being dry consistently previously), Moses and Linus CONSTANTLY bickering (seriously, they cannot be in the same room together without a flare up), thrush, the kids' complete inability to clean up, CONSTANT running and giggling, building a slide out of a wooden board, which resulted in Ruby getting about 10 slivers in her bum. She and I spent a fun evening getting them out, and she'll likely not repeat that one again. Oh, and there's a mouse in the house, but that's not really the kids' fault.

I can't really put my finger on what's going on, but I suspect lack-of-sleep (because it's what I always like to suspect first) and too much excitement. Herbie did fine this summer without a nap, but I don't think he's making it now. When the kids get this way, I start to get a little scared of what they'll do when out of my direct supervision. Like throw throw rocks at the windows in our garage and break three of them. Oh wait, that was the neighbor kids, but I'm sure my kids would've gleefully joined in, if they'd been anywhere near.

I've broken out the Floppy Sleep Game*, and I'm about to aggressively make sure they get enough sleep and calm down. Wish me luck.

Woo spent the week staying up late working on his latest update and sleeping a few hours during the day. He pulled an all-nighter last night, but he got the update submitted. He prepared his Sunday School lesson this morning in the tub.

In other good news, Herbie's ate root beer floats with the principal (as a result of that thing I told you about earlier). Linus can sit himself on the potty if I help him halfway with his pants. Ruby got a shorter, but more feminine haircut and went on a field trip. Moses found a giant dragonfly (that he promptly stomped on). Penelope's cute and conference was good.

Well, that's about it. Talk to you later.

*A yoga relaxation tape for kids that I bought a few years ago when the kids would come home very wound up after an evening with a family that we were trading babysitting with. ...