Well, the good news is ... we're alive. We're healthy. Penelope moved out of our room, no longer needing me at night, and I got organized. The bad news is ... everything else?

You would think that my life would get easier sending two kids off to school, but that has not been my experience. Things have been worse, much worse. The kids seem to have thrown their collective brains out the window.

Some of the fun we've experienced over the past two/three weeks: three kids peeing on the carpet in their rooms right before the start of General Conference, all kids over age 2 starting to wetting the bed (despite all of them being dry consistently previously), Moses and Linus CONSTANTLY bickering (seriously, they cannot be in the same room together without a flare up), thrush, the kids' complete inability to clean up, CONSTANT running and giggling, building a slide out of a wooden board, which resulted in Ruby getting about 10 slivers in her bum. She and I spent a fun evening getting them out, and she'll likely not repeat that one again. Oh, and there's a mouse in the house, but that's not really the kids' fault.

I can't really put my finger on what's going on, but I suspect lack-of-sleep (because it's what I always like to suspect first) and too much excitement. Herbie did fine this summer without a nap, but I don't think he's making it now. When the kids get this way, I start to get a little scared of what they'll do when out of my direct supervision. Like throw throw rocks at the windows in our garage and break three of them. Oh wait, that was the neighbor kids, but I'm sure my kids would've gleefully joined in, if they'd been anywhere near.

I've broken out the Floppy Sleep Game*, and I'm about to aggressively make sure they get enough sleep and calm down. Wish me luck.

Woo spent the week staying up late working on his latest update and sleeping a few hours during the day. He pulled an all-nighter last night, but he got the update submitted. He prepared his Sunday School lesson this morning in the tub.

In other good news, Herbie's ate root beer floats with the principal (as a result of that thing I told you about earlier). Linus can sit himself on the potty if I help him halfway with his pants. Ruby got a shorter, but more feminine haircut and went on a field trip. Moses found a giant dragonfly (that he promptly stomped on). Penelope's cute and conference was good.

Well, that's about it. Talk to you later.

*A yoga relaxation tape for kids that I bought a few years ago when the kids would come home very wound up after an evening with a family that we were trading babysitting with. ...