Busy Thanksgiving Weekend

Here are a couple of highlights from the week:

Most people I know have a default phrase they start every prayer with, something like, "I thank thee for this day." Moses' default prayer phrase (and sometimes the entire subject of his prayer) is "Thank you that I like Lightning McQueen!"

Woo had some bossa nova music playing while we watched a slideshow on the computer. A new song came on.

little girl eating artichoke instagram
Moses (sarcastically): Oh, nice. Nice Span-ish!
Moses (dumping his discarded artichoke leaves into the pile): Look! I was old enough to do it!

Our neighbor brought over some salmon.
Moses: Yum! I love salmon!
It's my favoritest food ever!
Me: Your favoritest food ever?
What about chocolate?
Moses: Salmon and chocolate are my favoritest foods ever! 
Playing charades...
Moses: I'm incredible hulk! 
(runs real fast around the couch)
Woo: Typically, you don't say what you are before we guess, Moses.
Moses: I'm spiderman! 
(runs real fast around the couch)
Woo: Wait, Wait, Moses! Sit down! 
(Moses sits.)
Woo: Think of an animal,
Moses: Okay, I'm a crocodile! 
(crawls real fast around the couch)

We finally got him to do something once without telling us first.

He was a crocodile.
Ruby (to me on her cousin Elizabeth's arrival): We're friends.
We're going to go outside and have a (thinking) ... girls club.
And do (wracking her brain) ... fairies and stuff. 
elementary school thanksgiving program pilgrims instagram

Ruby's class performed the "classic" Native American ballad "Go My Son" in their Thanksgiving program. One of the hazards of learning songs that your parents also learned in school is that they might try to argue with you about the hand actions. It's usually best to listen to your teacher in such situations.

She wore her pioneer hat (made by Great-Grandma) for the program, while all the other girls wore paper pilgrim hats. I'm not sure that pilgrims wore pioneer hats, but they both start with "P" and lived a long time ago, so I guess it's good enough.

Herbie likes to dress for the occasion. When our neighbor next door invited our kids to ride her horse while she led them around the pasture, Herbie ran in the house to change into cowboy boots, shirt and hat.

When I told him to find something nice to wear for Thanksgiving dinner, he came down with a pearly-snap cowboy shirt, wranglers and church shoes ... the closest he could get to a nice/pilgrim look, I assume.

One of Linus' cousins, Nikki is obsessed with his stature. She must have told me ten times on Thanksgiving Day, "Linus is so cute! He's only one inch taller than Samson (her little brother)! He's not much bigger than a one year old!"

I think she took the opportunity to tell me that every single time she saw me, and when I told Woo about it, it appears that she told him the exact same thing every time she saw him too.

This same cousin, Nikki, also took a liking to Penelope, and Penelope took a liking to her. Nikki got her to laugh really hard, repeatedly. It was very cute.

little girl in helicopter instagram

Woo was the second place winner (and the biggest loser) in the Thanksgiving dinner weigh-in: He gained about 5.5 lbs of mostly mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to win it. He was beaten by his nephew, Kenton, who drank mostly water.

Woo felt quite sick afterwards, and spent an hour or two in bed immediately following dinner.


Miscellaneous Miscellany

baby girl instagram

Ruby's reading has really taken off. She's able to sing hymns with us in church, and she's trying to read every book in the house (some with more success than others).

She attached herself to Roald Dahl's The Magic Finger today, and told us that she's going to read it over and over again (it's that good?).

Ruby's genius idea for next Halloween: a baby policeman!

Linus calls his dad "Dad'n!" He also calls all bikes and bearded men "Dad'n!"

Linus occasionally thinks it's cool to furrow his brow and look mad. Woo calls it baditude.

I think if he were really mad he wouldn't smile right back at you while simultaneously trying to look cross.

Moses is very, very possessive of his cars (or anyone's cars, anywhere). He spends more time carrying them around so no one else can touch them, than actually playing with them himself. Which is why I was shocked this week to hear him say,
Here, Linus.  
You play with these three cars.  
I'll play with this one. 
Moses: Mom, when the sun comes up will the snow melt?  
Me: I'm sorry, Moses. You've got a long, long time until that snow melts now. 
Herbie: Lincoln said a bad word. And it made me accidentally say one too.
BUT, I didn't say it again.  Also, Herbie has started to request that people call him Herbert, and that's what he writes on his schoolwork. We still call him Herbie.

I tried Pippi. I tried Poppy. It just wasn't working. I shorten Penelope's name to Lope (Lopie?), and Woo still likes PeLo.

I've reached that point where my head sheds all it's accumulated pregnancy hair. A couple of times I've looked down at my jacket, and it looks like I've rolled in a giant pile of hair. There've been some fun hairballs in the laundry. I don't remember exactly how long this stage lasts, but I don't think long. It's already tapered down some.

Woo got his projector in the mail. We've all watched more movies in the last week, than we have in the past month. He rigged up a sheet on one wall, carefully balanced the projector on boxes on the pinball machine, and unpacked a few more boxes to open the room up. All he needs now is some comfortable form of seating.


A Week, A Time Change Week

Well, I feel pretty good.

Pretty great most of the time, actually.

I've started exercising again and working my way through my "stuff-to-do-on-the-house" list besides all the other stuff I do.

Maybe the secret for me is not just getting enough sleep at night, but also consistently getting 4 kid-free hours every evening.

The kids acted pretty typical for a time change week, but they've been acting like this on and off for about 2 months now, so it didn't seem horrible.

I did make one change which made our lives much easier. I finally got around to printing off a list of 10 things Ruby and Herbie need to do in the morning before school (many of them seemingly obvious like "get dressed" and "eat").

I was tired of being a stressed-out nag for an hour straight to get everything done and them out the door.

Now, I just have to occasionally ask where they are on their list. Most mornings they're done with enough time for us to read some Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle before they go, and it's a much better start to everyone's day.

Woo has been super excited because it dawned on him that he can set up a projector (which he's always wanted) and a screen in his office, AND he can set up all his speakers and wires where ever he wants (without my aesthetics objections) for surround sound because it's HIS office.

He's kept himself busy tinkering around in there, AND he ordered a projector after only a couple of hours of scouring the internet for the best deal! The really amazing part is that he realized he could get it for $50 cheaper if he waited three weeks for Visa (or someone) to send him a coupon just before he bought it, but HE BOUGHT IT ANYWAY!!!! (I'm sure he's regretting that move as he reads this, but that's how excited he was).

baby girl

I moved Penelope to a 4-hour routine this week. She stays awake for 2 hour stints now, and spends most of it on her back staring at her hand or trying to roll over (hasn't done it yet). She whines sometimes which means she needs to burp, so I tip her up, she burps, and then is happy to stare at her fist again.

When we all go shopping, I like to have Woo take Linus because if I'm anywhere within his line of vision, he yells my name, and I know exactly where they are. It's kind of fun to be weaving up and down aisles at Costco and hear Linus yell, "Mom!!" from hundreds of feet away, every time he catches a glimpse of me.

little boy church suit tie hat overcoat instagram cowboy boots

Linus loves to be my Penelope helper. He'll fetch diapers, pajamas, throw diapers away and dump clothes in the dirty laundry bin like it's the most exciting thing in the world.

He's also started to say "Nah!" for yes. It makes communicating with him a lot easier.

Moses: I'm so excited it's church tomorrow!
Me and Woo: ????
Moses: I get to play with my cars!
Woo: Uh, Moses, that's actually not why we go to church ...

Moses is going to be leaving nursery in just two months and going to class. I hope it's not going to be too rough on him to leave all those toys and sit for so long.

brothers pretending to fly airplane instagram

An older neighbor kid borrowed all the little kids in town for about 1/2 hour for a science project.
Herbie (randomly, later): Brittany (a neighbor girl his age) and I laughed at the same time.
Me: You did?
Herbie: She drew a flower and smiled.
I laughed, and then she laughed.
We laughed together.
Woo: Did you look into each others' eyes?
Did time move in slow-motion?
Did you touch hands under the table? 
Herbie just looked at me with a gigantic smile.

Ruby seems to be doing really well in school. We were kind of wondering because she's been kind of moody at home, and her teacher did mention at PT conference (weeks ago) that she was sometimes overly sensitive as if she were tired.  I assume that being good all day in school can be exhausting??



I went to Young Women in Excellence tonight (which was great, btw!), so I'm just sending some pictures.

Herbie and Moses in their plane

Moses flexing

Penelope grinning

Penelope smiling

Linus coming home from church

Ruby eating plums

Woo and Ruby at a football game

Herbie reading Linus a story