Christmas Countdown

Ruby got to have two pretend birthdays this week to accommodate two sets of grandparents, and her real birthday is this week. She got a pair of pants and shirt from Grandma and Grandpa that we let her wear to school the next day without a skirt, ending her skirt sentence.

Ruby is insanely good at sharing, immediately sharing candy bars from Grandma and Grandpa with her brothers. She was willing to share, but not give away her other presents, and had to defend her new scriptures and case from Herbie, and new blanket and pillow from Moses and Linus.

Woo's been doing Daddy Time for a couple of weeks now. I started Mommy Time a month ago for kids to have a chance once a week to do mom-type things with me (like help make dinner, learn how to make snowflakes, paint nails, etc.) that are easier for me to do with one kid at a time.

And this week Herbie instituted Herbie Time. He read a story to Linus, played some games in the playroom with Moses, shared a book and a blanket on the heater with Ruby, and spent some dedicated time smiling and making funny noises at Penelope.
Herbie: When I'm a Dad, I'm going to live in our old house. The blue house because it was really fun. And I'm going to marry... Guess who I'm going to marry? 
Me: Who? 
Herbie: D--! 
Me: What if D-- doesn't want to live in St. Louis? 
Then finally: I'll get to pick first! 

Moses: Where's Linus? 
Me: Upstairs. 
Moses: Don't let him play with me. 
Me: Oh? 
Moses: Don't let him play with me because ... I'm allergic. I'm allergic to people! 

It probably wasn't the smartest idea to start a new house project in December and decide to do a homemade part to most of my Christmas gifts (which you're all going to love, I'm sure :) because I've been pretty busy.

I'm kind of excited about the faux wainscoting I put in the dining room, it's subtle, but I think it takes the look of the room up a notch, and now I've had the brilliant idea to paint the two doors in the room a green (perhaps kelly green?).

It's hard for me to wait when I'm excited, even though waiting a couple of weeks would be the best thing. On the other hand, it is nice to have enough energy to get excited again.

One morning while I was caulking, I heard Linus jog repeatedly back and forth from the living room to the kitchen. The sound of the garbage can lid slamming after every trip told me that the garbage was his destination.

When I went to investigate, I found that he'd torn the bows off of all the presents under the tree and thrown them away. I laughed, but Moses had a much different reaction, and he ordered Linus to put the bows back on. Linus merrily jogged back and retrieved bows, one by one, from the trash, and Moses put them back on the presents.

Woo was less than impressed with the speaker's story of losing a 3 yr old at Disneyland in church today.
"So the take home story is: Don't take your little kids to Disneyland??  Why do people do that? I don't think I've heard of anyone going there without losing a kid and having the exact same faith promoting experience!!" 
Woo's obsession this week has been trying to figure out why exactly one of his mission president's went home early. This led to contacting lots of old mission friends and finally reading a long account by President Kimball's grandson about the revelation on the priesthood, all of which he quite enjoyed.

Penelope is gaining hand control. She's attaching herself to whatever I'm holding while sitting in my lap. While lying on the floor, her favorite thing is to grab the blanket, and then pull it over her head. She's unable to pull the blanket off or even to figure out why she can't see anything any more.

Well, that's about it. Hope everyone's ready and enjoys this week!


Partial Narrative And Some Tidbits

Monday night I rearranged the furniture and put up the tree.

Tuesday I discovered that my kids are not yet to the age where the sight of a Christmas tree makes them want to curl up under it with a blanket and a book. They are at the age where the sight of a Christmas tree makes them want to hop up and down and tear around the room. They'll want to clap on, clap off the Christmas tree lights over and over again (yes, the lights are plugged into The Clapper), and they'll want to rearrange ornaments and garlands that have "fallen" or "are in the wrong place."

Wednesday was a hard day for the kids (but much better for me :) when I remembered I could discipline for annoying behavior, and Thursday and Friday went largely without incident until Ruby had a friend over Friday afternoon.

This friend (who've we had over several times before without any problems) seemed to have such a bad case of CHRISTMAS-IS-COMING!!! that she thought it would be a good idea to play hopscotch over Penelope, and then later bounced into the love seat so hard that she knocked it off it's legs! I'm beginning to see the case for putting the tree up the night before ...

I've also discovered that my couch or it's new position is very attractive to kids. We've had two kids come over this week, and both of them have immediately gravitated to the couch and have started jumping up and down on it exactly as if it were a trampoline.

Moses (concerned for Woo's safety while alone): Dad! Are you coming? Do you want a stranger to take you? 

Me: What's a rifle, you guys? 
Herbie: A Kindle. 

Current results of Penelope's new sleeping position: bald spot spanning the entire back of her head. 

Linus is acquiring a real gait now and it's a official; he walks like a Woolley.

Ruby's hair is looking quite nice right now. She's getting a lot of compliments, and I think that her mandatory skirt-wearing days may be coming to an end soon.

Woo announced today at dinner: Guess what, guys! You're about to get your Dad back!

I don't know exactly what he's been working on the last week and a half (except that it had something to do with the projector), but whatever it is is finished! We'll all be happy to be seeing more of Woo again.


Short And Sweet

Herbie (while cleaning up): Can I please snap, mom, to do it? (tries snapping fingers) Hmmm. It's not working. 
There's no fooling Moses.
Oh, look! A man dressed as Santa! 

Moses (singing to himself on his way out the door): I'm putting on my puffy coat. I think the Home Depot people will LOVE it! 

Me (reading Ruby's handwritten paper): There are 6 presents under Christmas tree. Last night I saw only 3. How many presents were put there while I was fast asleep? 
Woo holds up 3 fingers.
Ruby: You have to guess! 
Me: Guess or figure it out? 
Ruby: Guess! 
Woo: 3 
Ruby: Oh, Dad looked at the back of the paper! 

Herbie: S-- went to space when he was five. But he had to stay in the spaceship. 
Woo: Is that about the time when S-- started growing his mustache, Herbie? 

Woo and I watched the Star Wars trilogy on his projector. Now whenever Linus whines Chewbacca comes to mind, and watching his tubby toddle reminds me of Ewoks. No wonder he's so endearing!

I've been a little too consistent with Penelope. I've laid her down for naps in her bouncy seat the exact same way her entire life, and now that side of her head is flat. The doctor even briefly suggested a helmet. I now lay her down the exact opposite way for every nap. We'll see what that does.

Woo gets tired of hearing me tell him how refreshing it is to go running out in the cold. I think it's been years (probably 4??) since I've run through a winter. Turns out I really enjoy it, and I've missed it.

Sales are down at ooTunes which frees Woo up for some tinkering. He's had a couple of late nights "trying to solve problems that are impossible to solve and are completely meaningless."

Until Friday night, that is ... "I may have stayed up until 5am, but I did it! Amazon Prime now works on the projector!" No money to be made with that, I think, but not having Woo tinker on the computer during an entire movie? Worth it.

Hope you all had a good week!