Partial Narrative And Some Tidbits

Monday night I rearranged the furniture and put up the tree.

Tuesday I discovered that my kids are not yet to the age where the sight of a Christmas tree makes them want to curl up under it with a blanket and a book. They are at the age where the sight of a Christmas tree makes them want to hop up and down and tear around the room. They'll want to clap on, clap off the Christmas tree lights over and over again (yes, the lights are plugged into The Clapper), and they'll want to rearrange ornaments and garlands that have "fallen" or "are in the wrong place."

Wednesday was a hard day for the kids (but much better for me :) when I remembered I could discipline for annoying behavior, and Thursday and Friday went largely without incident until Ruby had a friend over Friday afternoon.

This friend (who've we had over several times before without any problems) seemed to have such a bad case of CHRISTMAS-IS-COMING!!! that she thought it would be a good idea to play hopscotch over Penelope, and then later bounced into the love seat so hard that she knocked it off it's legs! I'm beginning to see the case for putting the tree up the night before ...

I've also discovered that my couch or it's new position is very attractive to kids. We've had two kids come over this week, and both of them have immediately gravitated to the couch and have started jumping up and down on it exactly as if it were a trampoline.

Moses (concerned for Woo's safety while alone): Dad! Are you coming? Do you want a stranger to take you? 

Me: What's a rifle, you guys? 
Herbie: A Kindle. 

Current results of Penelope's new sleeping position: bald spot spanning the entire back of her head. 

Linus is acquiring a real gait now and it's a official; he walks like a Woolley.

Ruby's hair is looking quite nice right now. She's getting a lot of compliments, and I think that her mandatory skirt-wearing days may be coming to an end soon.

Woo announced today at dinner: Guess what, guys! You're about to get your Dad back!

I don't know exactly what he's been working on the last week and a half (except that it had something to do with the projector), but whatever it is is finished! We'll all be happy to be seeing more of Woo again.