Short And Sweet

Herbie (while cleaning up): Can I please snap, mom, to do it? (tries snapping fingers) Hmmm. It's not working. 
There's no fooling Moses.
Oh, look! A man dressed as Santa! 

Moses (singing to himself on his way out the door): I'm putting on my puffy coat. I think the Home Depot people will LOVE it! 

Me (reading Ruby's handwritten paper): There are 6 presents under Christmas tree. Last night I saw only 3. How many presents were put there while I was fast asleep? 
Woo holds up 3 fingers.
Ruby: You have to guess! 
Me: Guess or figure it out? 
Ruby: Guess! 
Woo: 3 
Ruby: Oh, Dad looked at the back of the paper! 

Herbie: S-- went to space when he was five. But he had to stay in the spaceship. 
Woo: Is that about the time when S-- started growing his mustache, Herbie? 

Woo and I watched the Star Wars trilogy on his projector. Now whenever Linus whines Chewbacca comes to mind, and watching his tubby toddle reminds me of Ewoks. No wonder he's so endearing!

I've been a little too consistent with Penelope. I've laid her down for naps in her bouncy seat the exact same way her entire life, and now that side of her head is flat. The doctor even briefly suggested a helmet. I now lay her down the exact opposite way for every nap. We'll see what that does.

Woo gets tired of hearing me tell him how refreshing it is to go running out in the cold. I think it's been years (probably 4??) since I've run through a winter. Turns out I really enjoy it, and I've missed it.

Sales are down at ooTunes which frees Woo up for some tinkering. He's had a couple of late nights "trying to solve problems that are impossible to solve and are completely meaningless."

Until Friday night, that is ... "I may have stayed up until 5am, but I did it! Amazon Prime now works on the projector!" No money to be made with that, I think, but not having Woo tinker on the computer during an entire movie? Worth it.

Hope you all had a good week!