You Get What You Pay For

Months ago Woo decided to pull the lever and hire someone to redesign ooTunes' webpage. He was thrilled, thrilled, to find someone in India who would do it for under $200. Four months later he's singing a different tune. She is not a designer. Yesterday he was ready to punch his computer when he had to explain to her over and over again what a reflection is. We'd been working on this one page since before Christmas, and she finally got it yesterday. The bad news is: There's still one more page to go.
Woo: Moses, do you like dinosaurs? 
Moses: No. I mean yes. I like triceratops and rhinoceros. 

Me: What do you want to eat for your birthday, Mosey? 
Moses: Cookies! 
Me: For dinner. 
Moses: Um. Broccoli. And caramel and Lightening McQueen juice. And doughnuts and cinnamon rolls! 

Herbie (telling Moses how he'd gotten to check out the coveted monster truck book at the library): I snuck this book from S--. He picked it out, and when he turned around I took it. He couldn't find it so he picked out a book on dinosaurs. 
Me: Herbie that was dishonest! 
Herbie: No, I'm telling the truth! 
Me: No, what you did to S-- wasn't very nice. It was like stealing from him. 
Herbie: Um, I actually didn't take it from S--...  I just found it ... 

Ruby (reading The Boxcar Children aloud to herself, getting more and more excited and each word getting louder and louder) "It was an old boxcar! 'What a good house that will be!!'" She devoured that book in less than a day.

I remember there being something very appealing about a bunch of kids making it on their own and setting up house in an old boxcar when I was a kid too.

Me (getting frustrated at my current slow pace and making the mistake of looking at a bunch of top design blogs written by mormon women, while I lay on the couch): I don't want to make money. I'm not motivated by money, but I would like to create something ... be creative ... 
Woo: Chelsey, you are being creative! That meal you made last night?? Creative! 
Penelope got sick (for the first time?) this week. She slept a lot yesterday, and seemed mostly over it today. I left her in bed with Woo yesterday morning while I went to pick up Bountiful Baskets, and she was mostly happy when she thought she was alone. Whenever Woo would try to talk to her or sniff, she would cry and cry. She was (thankfully) less sensitive today.

Linus can help himself to anything he needs in the kitchen now, thanks to the bench and occasionally chairs. He'll get himself a clementine or apple off the counter whenever he wants one. He likes to run in and get his own dishes and silverware, as soon as he can tell I'm making food. And he's so excited to clear his plate after dinner like the other kids that he'll climb off the chair the instant his last bite is in his mouth and trot to the sink.

January's almost over! I'm kind of excited about that one. Hope you all had a good week.

Old Memory:
We drove to Wisconsin when I was six. I have two memories from that trip, and this is one of them. I remember standing in Grandma J-- and Grandpa W--'s driveway with Mom, who was holding L-- and talking to Grandma G--. Suddenly Grandma G-- sprang into action: her car was rolling backwards. She grabbed the open door, tripped on the curb, did a front flip, and lost hold of the car. The car picked up speed across the street, into the neighbors yard and disappeared over a hill.

J-- was in the front seat.

J-- ended up being ok, of course, but there was some (minor?) damage to the car. Grandma G-- hurt her wrist (I think?), and the neighbors across the street had their huge wood pile knocked over which Dad and J-- piled back up (I don't know how much help J-- was. He was probably 3).

I remember standing in the driveway again, this time Mom and Grandma G-- talking past each other. Mom was apologizing profusely for "your beautiful car, Grandma!" (I do remember her car being impeccable), and Grandma G-- was apologizing profusely for not being able to foresee that J-- would climb into the front seat and put it in neutral and that she later wasn't able to climb into the car and stop it.

I also remember going down the hill to see the tree that eventually stopped the car. It was right in front of a raging river. Just kidding. I think it was more of a trickling stream.