Penelope has reached that fine time in life where she has gigantic, blubbery thighs and teeny, tiny feet. She also has a great name for switching out the vowels: Ponolop-O, Panalap-A, Pinilip-I, Punulup-U, Penelope.

Ruby's class spent some time learning about the Chinese New Year. Her new dream now is to learn Chinese in college and live in China: perhaps on a mission, perhaps teaching English, or perhaps just to live. 

Ruby was mentioned in someone's testimony today for being kind and friendly to a visitor. Ruby got very embarrassed and a little mad. She may have no fear of people, but she really doesn't like everyone's attention to be on her.

I can't remember what I accused Moses of, but he responded with a loud, "NO, I AMN'T!!"

I can't even say it, but he did a fine job of it.

I put a couple of coats of green on the dining room doors. First thing out of Ruby's mouth? "Wow! Neon green?? I love neon green, Mom!!"

Neon green was not my intent, but I hear neon is back (in home decor????). Anyone planning a visit in the next few weeks, prepare yourself for the visual assault.

Linus and Herbie have really started to hit it off. They've bonded over dogs and cookie monster, mostly. Sometimes Herbie, the dog, will chase Linus around the house for a rollicking good time. Other times they're both dogs; and even others, they're grunting and pretending to eat everything in sight, much like cookie monster.

The bad news is: Woo was sick much of this last week.

The good news is: He finally got around to reading Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling. I think he's enjoying it ---even laughs sometimes.

Well, that's about it. Hope you all had a great week!