Happy Birthday, Linus!

Linus turned 2 on Monday. He seemed to know enough about what was going on to get super excited and dance and laugh every time we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

Grandma and Grandpa came for a pretend birthday for him and Moses before they left on their mission. There was one sticky moment when Moses got to open his present and Linus got a little confused because it was actually his birthday.

He also did well at his checkup, he's now on the growth chart for weight, and head circumference. Still below the chart for height, but just barely below, and closer to it then he was last time.
Moses (getting frustrated, arguing details with his older brother and sister): You guys don't know more than me!
Ruby: Oh yeah? What's two plus two? (Which, of course, had nothing to do with what they were arguing about.)
Moses: One!
Penelope decided to develop stranger anxiety just in time for being around lots of "strangers" at Grandma and Grandpa's farewell. She'd cry whenever I'd walk away from her and was mostly fine being held by someone else, unless she caught a glimpse of me or heard my voice. Then it was all over. She'd cry, get red in the face and kick her squishy little legs. So helpless :).

Woo spent a lot of emotional energy debating with old high school friends online. It started out being about why people leave the church, turned into how people can/can't believe in the compatibility of science and religion, and probably several other turns and twists.

He spent some time ranting to me, which was, of course, preaching to the choir, but I think he enjoyed writing his thoughts and beliefs out in a concrete form.

The present to us from the other side of the debate is that words like "ethnocentric" and "subjective" have entered our family vocabulary. There isn't much you can't sound like an expert on if you include one of those words.

Ruby was assigned her first report (at least, that I can remember). It was supposed to be on birds. She said she wanted to write about hawks, white ones. We were pretty sure that she picked that because someone else (super cool?) in her class had announced that's what they were going to do. Woo tried to win her over to his side with lots of YouTube clips of Ostriches, but in the end she chose parrots. 

Herbie got invited to the party of the year: S--'s Bigfoot party. He spent a lot of time carrying around the large invitation with a picture of a Bigfoot on it, and from Herbie's account a lot of the other little boys were carrying theirs around at school and on the bus.

I threw in a roll of tape in S--'s present since it had been such a hit with my kids for Christmas. Not so, with S--.
Me: Did he like his present? 
Herbie: Yeah, but not the tape. 
Me: Oh? What did he say? 
Herbie: He said, "Here, Mom, this is for you," and handed her the tape.
Next week the Young Women are having their fundraiser for camp. My group (the MiaMaids) are over the auction part of the program. For our activity this week, I divided up assignments between my girls, which was a relief in many ways (many hands make light work ... ), but waiting for my girl to get to back to me about finding someone to agree to be the auctioneer was almost as stressful as calling around to find an auctioneer myself. It all turned great in the end, and we should have a good night.

Well, that's about it for the week. We're excited for Grandma and Grandpa to be headed for Hong Kong!

Old Memory: Dad's Early Jobs

I remember hanging out with Dad when he worked at Nautilus. I was probably about 5. He carried around a clipboard and sometimes helped people use the machines. He was a personal trainer?

There was a guy who also worked there that wanted me to say that my nose was my belly button, and my belly button my nose. He thought it was really funny. I didn't get it (and still don't).

Earlier then that I remember Mom taking us to the end of the road in BYU's trailer park to see Dad load a garbage truck (super exciting for a little kid). I remember not expecting to see Dad at all, and being totally shocked and excited to see him. I think this only happened once? Dad was filling in for a friend for a day or something.

I also remember dropping Dad off at a construction site for his "first job." He had just graduated?

Later, I remember visiting Dad while he was working on the Tanner Building. We ate lunch with him on the grass on the south side and ran around. I remember Dad telling us about the man who had fallen and died. We asked him if he was ever up high. He said yes. Mom looked worried.