Penelope's Revenge

Penelope has found a way to bring Linus to his knees: get her sticky fingers around a lock of his hair. Penelope hasn't shown much interest in smiling at or interacting with people outside our family, but a couple of things can get her pretty excited: her butterfly teething toy, and her red, patent leather Mary Janes.

Moses belched on-demand
Moses!! (Then, in spite of myself) How do you know how to do that already?

From watching Penelope!

For a couple of months now I've been having a story night once a week with each (verbal) kid for a few minutes after bed time. I tell them stories about me, them, or family, and I give them the opportunity to tell me stories, if they'd like. This week Moses' story night stories went something like this:
One time when I was two, Herbie hit me in the head, AND HE DIDN'T EVEN SAY HE WAS SORRY!

One time I was playing with (insert long, detailed description of a car) and Ruby took it from me, AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN SAY SHE WAS SORRY!

Speaking of story night ... Herbie's teacher told me that Herbie had shared a story with the class that I'd told him about a time Woo was warned by the Spirit and followed it. She was very impressed, which was my main purpose in telling him, of course. In a less impressive event, Herbie took cheese slices to school for share bag. He had two different kinds, but passed them out indiscriminately barking, "You get what you get, don't throw a fit" to each kid. He may or may not think he's in charge.

Ruby got up too early three mornings this week to read. I'd like her to read as much as she wants. The problem is that when she doesn't get enough sleep she's ridiculously scatterbrained. I asked her to unload the dishwasher yesterday. The dishes (unbeknownst to me) hadn't been washed yet. She put all of them away anyway. When she gets this way, I mostly just pray that she won't do something to hurt herself. Especially as she leaves the house in the morning.

Woo has been insistent that Linus try harder to talk. He's finally repeating our words when we read to him and "reading" his verse of scripture with some accuracy. He's reached that stage where he can say the last word of a sentence when being helped with his prayers. Mom is "mom." Dad is "dad'n." Ruby is "Ruby;" and everyone else (including himself) is "baby."

I've reached that point where I'm realizing that I'm getting old, and some of my pride is departing with my youth. I have some grey hairs that I pluck regularly. At a music share night with the Young Women, I had no idea who/what they were playing. It finally dawned on me that I also have no idea why I've thought I was too cool for a minivan for so long (and I'm kind of embarrassed that I was). I went shopping for clothes and couldn't find a single shirt that I liked in 3 stores (styles these days!). I even thought I had cataracts for a short while. Turns out my contacts that are 10+ yrs old have a lot of scratches and protein deposits on them.

Woo went on his annual cleaning binge this weekend. It was wonderful! He started by going through his closet, organizing it and putting (some!) in a pile for DI. He then moved on to his office, where he unpacked several boxes, decided he could live without even more stuff, and better organized his electronic junk (er, I mean equipment). And tonight, he removed his camelback from the refrigerator!! (That camelback has been the bane of my existence every grocery shopping trip for the last year ... )

Well, that's about it. Hope you all had a great week!

Old Memory:

I remember being allowed to stay up and watch Taxi. I believe it started at 10pm. I sat on Mom and Dad's bed (blankets on the living room floor), while Mom went to pick up Dad, who was working late on the house in Lindon? I was babysitting? I think that maybe once or twice Tyson was allowed to watch with me.

I also remember watching Air Wolf after our Saturday evening baths. We thought that was really cool. I know that I watched enough of the Muppet Show and the A-Team to think they were great, but I don't think it happened often. I also watched Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street, of course.