Before & Progress: Master Bedroom

four poster bed white ikea
Our bedroom was in pretty bad condition when we moved in.

master bed before
Do you see that closet? It was made of 2x4s in the shoddiest way possible. I wanted that down immediately! See that scary looking dark stuff where the wall meets the ceiling? Sawdust. Turns out that's what they used for insulation a million years ago. Our ceilings are dropped about 2 ft., and that space was packed with sawdust.

We also had some pretty serious cracks in the plaster.

cracked plaster
This is just a shot of the other side of the room.

before wallpaper
I'd had my eye on this gold chrysanthemum wallpaper, thanks, in part, to MakingItLovely's dining room, and I originally thought that I could put it in the dining room too.

But, then I remembered that I have a bunch of little kids, and it would inevitably get scribbled on or food spilled on it, so I settled for the master bedroom (where the kids are on invitation-only status).

chrysanthemum gold wallpaper
We replaced that old closet with this nice built-in closet. It spans that whole wall (There's two more sections to the left of the door.)

built-in closet
Once I got those lacy curtains off, this room also had a huge transom window that lets in lots of light, and has the old, original window trim.

transom window victorian window trim
Has anyone else been into wallpaper lately?

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(Have you seen our living room and master bath?)


  1. Wow! That is gorgeous! I love the wallpaper you picked. I'm curious how much you did yourself and how much you had done. I wouldn't be surprised if you did it all yourself--I can imagine you as a tool belt diva :-)

    1. Hi Amelia! The closets, carpet and plaster repair were done by someone else. I did the wall prep, painting (with a day of help from my visiting teacher), picture rail molding, wallpaper and everything else myself. It would be awesome to build closets, etc. but I just don't have the time, as I'm sure you know :).

  2. Anonymous22.3.12

    Nice work! I love the wallpaper. Was it hard to put up? One suggestion. When you link to another website, try to make the "text" part of the link more descriptive of what you're linking to (i.e. instead of "MakingItLovely's" try "MakingItLovely's dining room". "wallpaper" is an okay link, but "Beautiful Chrysanthemum wallpaper" is a better link.)

    Doing this helps out those sites you link to by associating the link text with the website you're linking to, for google searches, for example.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Done!

    2. And no, the wallpaper was not hard to put up. It was a version of this easy, "renters" wallpaper seen here.

  3. You are incredible, Chelsea! I love it! I've been into pinning up wallpaper on pinterest too. I love the stuff you found.

  4. Thanks, Sara! I bought some fun stuff for part of the kitchen too. Haven't put it up yet ... soon! I'll have to check out what you've pinned!

  5. Great work, Chelsea! I love this bedroom and your bathroom.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I appreciate it!

  6. This looks great! Your old closet was super shady! You are inspiring me to kick it into gear with my master.

    1. Thanks, WhitMc! Good luck with your master!