Ticket to Ride

We drove to Wisconsin when I was six. I have two memories from that trip, and this is one of them. I remember standing in Grandma and Grandpa's driveway with Mom, who was holding Lyndy and talking to Great Grandma.

Suddenly, Great Grandma sprang into action: her car was rolling backwards. She grabbed the open door, tripped on the curb, did a front flip, and lost hold of the car. The car picked up speed across the street, into the neighbors yard and disappeared over a hill.

Josey was in the front seat.

siblings kids 80s family
(That's little Jos on the left.)

Josey ended up being OK, of course, but there was some (minor?) damage to the car. Great Grandma hurt her wrist (I think?), and the neighbors across the street had their huge wood pile knocked over which Dad and Josey piled back up (I don't know how much help Josey was. He was probably 3).

I remember standing in the driveway again, this time Mom and Great Grandma talking past each other. Mom was apologizing profusely for "your beautiful car, Grandma!" (I do remember her car being impeccably well taken care of), and Great Grandma was apologizing profusely for not being able to forsee that Josey would climb into the front seat and put it in neutral and that she later wasn't able to climb into the car and stop it.

I also remember going down the hill to see the tree that eventually stopped the car. It was right in front of a raging river. Just kidding. I think it was more of a trickling stream.