Guest Story: Draw a What?

My first guest post comes from Jenny. Jenny is a stay-at-home mother of five, with a long list of non-talents. She can't cook, craft, decorate, sing, bake, sew, garden, play sports, photograph, look stylish, organize, or socialize, and thinks that because of this she is completely not threatening. If you take a look at her blog though, you will see that she is wrong. Jenny is a clever writer with post after post of hilarity. Thanks, Jenny!

The other night we were playing Pictionary. It was Andrew's turn to draw and he was supposed to draw a snake. I thought he would have an easy time drawing a little squiggle with eyes. I couldn't figure out why he drew this instead:

pictionary spank stick figure
I could recognize that there was a stick figure, but I asked him to explain the circle with a line through it.

He said, "It's a bum."

"A bum?!!" I yelled.

Exasperated he said, "You said draw a spank!"

Have any of your kids ever hilariously misunderstood you?

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