Hives, Cribs and Waves

Ruby has hives. She's had a couple of days of doing nothing but lying on the couch. Thursday her class had a tasting party (each kid brought a little something), and we think she ate something there. She thinks it was one of those little packages of chex mix ... some sort of spice in it? She's feeling a lot better today, but her face is still really red.
Ruby (telling me about the kids on the back of the bus who act "crazy"): ... and they say bad words. But, I don't listen. I just look out the window. And I think about (thinking) ... my (thinking) ... favorite food or something.

Penelope finally moved into the crib. Linus moved to the bottom bunk, Moses to the top one, and Herbie got a twin mattress (on the floor). Just out of the blue Penelope started waving at Woo. She won't wave at me, but when Woo enters the room, she slowly raises her arm and opens and closes her hand. It sure sounds like she's saying, "Hi!" too ... my imagination? I could've sworn she said it to another baby today.

baby waves says hi

Linus was fantastic in his toddler bed the first two nights. I don't think it even occurred to him that he could get out of bed, but he figured it out soon enough. He wasn't really too bad, going to sleep about an hour later. Last night, Moses and Penelope were out, but he was still up rolling around (in bed, at least :) kicking the wall.

We've had a lot of days of sunshine in the 50s and 60s this week. The kids have been running around outside without coats and without shoes, of course. In this town, 50s are the new 70s, I guess. They'd even run across the ice (when we still had some) like it wasn't there. Moses, in particular, has been dying to get into some shorts and flip flops. We had to ban them for a few more weeks, when he'd whine to us about being cold, and couldn't figure it out.

Moses (very excited): When I got to church, Mrs. W-- said, "You're wearing a green shirt for St Patricks day!"
Me and Woo: So, what did you say?
Moses: Nothing. I just looked at her.

Herbie's probably the one who misses the snow the most. We really only had a few good days of snow this year, and every single one of them, he spent all his free time out shoveling with his kid sized shovel. Woo doesn't like him to mess up his work on the walks, so he sends Herbie out to the grass, where he shovels paths all around the house, tirelessly scooping up shovelful after shovelful of snow. One afternoon, Woo went out and concentrated his efforts into building a giant pile of snow, which melted to the ground in about 3 days the next week.

Every couple of weeks, I say to myself, "I'm taking the day off!" wherein I imagine myself lying on the couch with a good book. So this week after I helped the kids with their breakfast, helped Ruby and Herbie with their homework, fed and diapered Penelope, ate breakfast myself, saw the kids off to school, loaded the dishwasher, the washing machine, put Penelope down for her nap, did a couple of other things with Moses and Linus, etc. I finally got to sit down to only about an hour of time before I had to feed and diaper Penelope, get lunch started, etc. Not really much of a day off. The good news is: my new contacts came in, and I see great! I can feel young again!

Woo's spring cleaning carried over to his computer where he's been converting and cleaning up files. Of course, he gets to watch a lot of old movies of the kids while he's doing this, so it's not all drudgery. He's also been scanning in old baby pictures we have of him, and digitizing the tapes he sent home while on his mission.