Before & Progress: Master Bath

urban outfitters ruffle curtain exposed brick antique vanity dresser turquoise
I love the Urban Outfitters ruffle curtain, but didn't want to spend the cash. So I made this ruffle curtain following the tutorial on this blog. It was super easy; although, I did do the top a little differently. My sewing skills don't come close to rivaling my mom's or my grandma's, but I think it turned out really well.

Here's what this room looked like when we bought the house. It was a sad, paneled bedroom connected to the master bedroom.

paneling before
We enlarged the window, and that section of wall to the right of it is where the sink and tub now stand.

Here's another "before" shot looking towards the left side of the window.

wallpaper before

And now? Voila!

exposed brick wall bathroom
The exposed brick wall was Woo's idea. So what if it's in the bathroom? I think it looks great!

antique dresser vanity with mirror exposed brick turquoise
I bought the antique dresser with mirror for the vanity at an auction. Another fortuitous decision. The penny round tile was my little splurge for the room. Totally worth it!

penny round tile bathroom exposed brick turquoise antique vanity dresser
And yes, we love our bidet. How did we ever live without it?

bidet toilet antique scale
There's still so much to do, mainly caulk and paint, but it's come a long way! Have any of you redone a bathroom? How long did it take?

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Have you seen our living room and master bedroom?


  1. Wow! I'm impressed! I love the brick...it looks fabulous. How much do you charge? xo

    1. I can't claim the brick. And nothing, of course!

  2. That brick is just making my day right now. How does it hold up in a damp environment like that?

    1. It's holding up great, Vanessa. Of course, we sealed it with a waterproof sealer before using the shower, and the room has great air circulation. It rarely gets all steamy, and not for long.