Herbie's picked out quite the girl for himself.
Herbie (coming in the door from school): Guess who picked out my library book today?
Me: Divinity?
Herbie: Yes!

What's next? His clothes?
Herbie (sheepishly admitting to me that he can't jump rope): Divinity can teach me! She's really good, Mom! She jumps like this (crosses arms).

That's pretty advanced for a kindergartner, isn't it? Or have I just not pushed my kids in the jump roping arena like I should have?

Linus thinks that going outside is the bees knees. He's trots to the door, a huge smile across his face, with anticipation whenever anyone is leaving, and so often ends up disappointed. He's still too young for me to feel comfortable letting him out there without Mom or Dad. But, he has gotten pretty good at sneaking out the door before Moses can shut it. I usually catch him on the steps.

Friday I headed out to pick up Herbie from the bus stop and Linus and Moses were already outside. Linus was wearing Herbie's church shoes, which were so hard for him to keep on his feet while walking that he was clinging to the side of the house, inching around the corner.

Moses is fortunate enough to have a surplus of clothes that he really likes. It's hard for him to decide what it is he wants to wear, but he solves this dilemma by wearing several shirts, pairs of underwear, and sometimes pants at once. One morning, after noticing him moving awkwardly, I discovered that he was wearing 7 pairs of underwear!

Ruby appeared to be doing well Sunday, so we sent her to school Monday. That was a mistake. She was totally wiped out when she came home and almost immediately fell asleep on the living room floor. Tuesday was a miserable day for her, and we kept her home again Wednesday just to be sure. She felt a lot better, but we insisted that she take it very easy. Good thing she likes to read.

A nice thing I've noticed about Ruby? When kids are quarreling, and I ask them to say something nice about each other, Ruby always goes first and comes up with something new and substantial every time. It really helps diffuse the other kids.

I hear Penelope trying to imitate our words occasionally. They're not intelligible, but they're the right pitch and rhythm. I think we're going to have another situation like we had with Herbie learning to talk just following Ruby. This time it will be Penelope not being far behind Linus.

Woo finally finished Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling this week. He was pretty proud of himself, (It's a big book!), and immediately checked out a couple more church history books. He's already a good way into Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith. The weather's been warm, and the days are longer. He enjoys a couple of hours of reading out in the hammock after the kids go to bed.

For months I've had the goal of starting on the kitchen in March. I wanted a couple of weeks to wrap up a few loose ends: I finished painting the trim in the living room and did some sewing. Woo made a trip to Lowe's for most of the supplies we needed. And then ... I decided to start a blog. I'm not really sure why, but that's what I've been spending my free minutes on for the last week and half. I'll start the kitchen in April? Actually, I think I can start next week. Now that the blog is set up, I don't think it will be much work. I'm sitting on 4+ years worth of written material (aka my emails) and 7+ years worth of pictures. I can whip out a post in 10 minutes or less.