Grandma to the Rescue!

family picture 80s
(Dad, Jos, Mom, Tys, Me)

Josey was being potty trained. Dad sat him on the toilet, told me not to move him and left. The problem was ... Josey was crying.

A lot.

He said he was stuck and wanted me to help him off. I pulled his arms, but his bum was down in the hole, and I wasn't strong enough to lift him out. Tyson was with me, but even with both of us, we couldn't do it.

Tyson panicked. Josey was terrified. I thought it was a crisis.

So, I did what anyone does in a time of crisis: I called Grandma.

She arrived minutes later to pull Josey out. Dad arrived immediately after that, and he was mad (I guess I missed the part where he'd told me he'd be down the street at the neighbors and would be home soon).

I remember being confused when he was telling people about it a few days later and laughing.