Ruby Valentine --- Heartbreaker?

little girl short hair
This evening after dinner we all went on a pleasant stroll about town.

We passed the Griggs.

A little boy Ruby's age stepped out on the porch. "Hi Watson!" (His name's actually Winston ... she can never get it right.) He broke out in a smile and was about to respond, but turned sheepish, gave a little tug to his shirt, and suddenly realized that he wasn't wearing any pants.

He was quickly hidden behind a pillar after a swift turn and a few hops, but the turn unfortunately revealed that he was wearing a diaper?! He apparently felt safe behind the pillar because his top half soon emerged waving wildly and yelling "Hi, Ruby!"

We continued on.

After about a block we were passed by another little boy Ruby's age on a tiny motorcycle.

The next time he buzzed past he gave us all a hard look. And we gave him one.

The third time he passed he yelled, "Watch this, Ruby!"

After we'd deciphered what he'd said, Woo asked, "Is he showing off?"

And yes, yes he was.

He buzzed by several times, every time narrowly avoiding wrecks after doing something crazy like putting both his legs out spread eagle or raising both arms in the air, simultaneously yelling, "Hi, Ruby!"

We never could figure out who he was because he was wearing a full face helmet, and the mystery was engrossing Ruby for the rest of the evening.

Woo: I'm sorry, Ruby. You're much more likely to end up with the nerd without the pants, but know that whomever you choose, we're pleased. Very pleased.