Before & Progress: Kitchen (Part 2)

Warning: There is not a single pretty picture in the following post. You are about to see the squalor in which we live.

The reason I split the kitchen up into two parts is because it is a large room, and I only showed you half of the room last time. Here are the befores from this other half of the room:
kitchen before wallpaper

Kind of confusing, I know. Sorry.

kitchen before paneling

And now ... it doesn't look much different, to be honest.

mudroom ikea expedite bikes hanging from ceiling

Since our front door opens up directly into the living room, and because I have a bunch of kids (and a husband) who need a specific place to drop things when they come in the door, I decided to convert the back part of the kitchen into a mudroom.

We're the only people you know with bikes hanging in their kitchen, aren't we?

tanker desk pedestal chair command center ikea expedit house plants

I also needed a command/sewing/craft center, and this seemed like the best place for it. (I have pretty plans for that desk and chair, don't worry!)

old folding chairs mudroom before

There's plenty of room back there for some seating. Right now I have some old folding chairs that I might repaint and recover, or I might replace it with a fun bench. We'll see.

ikea expedit mudroom shoes

The trusty Expedit is corralling our shoes and the kids' treasures for now. That door leads to a bathroom, btw. Which is perfect for when the kids need to come in for a quick pitstop or need a bath before they can enter the rest of the house.

Like I said, this is the room that we're currently working on, so we should be seeing lots more progress here pretty soon.

Does anyone else have an ugly room (or two) in their house? Does it drive you crazy or are you able to mostly ignore it?

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(See the kitchen now, and have you seen the other rooms in our old house?)


  1. I actually don't mind the bikes hanging in your mud room! We hope to have a big family someday too, so being space savvy is important!!

    1. Thanks, Whitney! They don't bother me too much, or I'd never allow it :). And there was all that empty space near the ceiling ... Those are all actually from my husband's collection. I hope to someday have a decent garage by the time the kids are old enough to have nicer bikes.

      And congrats on wanting a big family -- tons of fun!

  2. Do I have an ugly room? I have almost all ugly rooms :) And some days I ignore it, some days I go crazy. Love the plaid wallpaper!

    1. Ah, come on, Melissa! I wouldn't say that your rooms are ugly -- just lifeless (and perhaps filled with boxes). I'm probably the same, alternating between ignoring and crazy, but I think I can ignore a bit better now. How are your kitchen cabinets coming?

  3. Hanging bikes is an really good idea! A lot of space is saved and very organized! I really love it! But it's almost difficult to apply this idea to Taiwanese houses because frequent earthquakes. :(

    1. Hmmm, we actually have earthquakes here too ... not as often as Taiwan, though. Many we should rethink it?