Easter Edition: A Week Late

little girl hospital bed broken arm
Ruby broke her arm this week, falling off the hammock. She came in and cried for about a minute until Woo said, "You'll be ok, Ruby, kids break their arms all the time."

She was calm and composed all the hours they had to wait to get it set, and even started to think that her "snaky arm" was hilarious by the time they got to the hospital.
Me: Dad said you didn't cry very much and that you were very brave. Why is that? Did it not hurt?

Ruby: I knew that Jesus heals those who are true and who follow him.
little girl arm cast instagram
We have a neighbor who likes to anonymously leave gifts for the kids on holidays. Easter morning, Woo and I noticed a large, brightly colored package on the front porch. After a couple of hours of the kids not noticing anything:
Woo: Why don't you guys look outside?
Ruby (not moving): Why?
Herbie: Why, Dad?
Woo: Just look outside.
Moses (walked to window, looked out): Nothing.
Me: Go to the front door ... Why don't you guys go outside?
Herbie: I need to find my church shoes.
We could not get anyone to go outside.

After about 15 minutes, Moses thought he was ready to go outside. He ran to the back door, but I redirected him to the front door. He closed the door behind him, and didn't come back.
Woo: Can Moses be trusted with that out there alone? (We could see that it included lots of treats.)
Woo: Ruby, open the door and tell him to bring it in.
Ruby: Bring what in?
Woo: Just say, "Bring it in!"
Ruby (opening the door): Bring it in!
Moses: Bring what in?

Oh, THIS?!?!
They had finally seen it.
Herbie: Who brought it?
Me: It's a mystery.
Ruby: You know who brought it, who was it?
Me: I think I know ...
Woo: You guys could probably figure it out too, if you think about it.
Ruby: God?!
Moses was exceptionally obedient and kind for a few days:
Us: Why have you been so good Moses?
Moses: I'm trying to be like Jesus.
Exactly what we wanted to hear. I think we can consider ourselves done with him, right? Right??

baby girl instagram
Penelope is venturing into the world of sitting, and I'm pretty positive that she's saying, "ma ma ma ma mom" and "da da da da" at all the right times. She'll say "da da da da," and smile and wave, when Woo enters a room, and when he turns to leave, she'll say, "da da da."

baby girl sitting instagram
Linus seems to finally have made the attitude adjustment that talking is cool. He'll babble on and on when saying his own prayers, ending with a pretty clear, "Amen!" and throwing in a random "Dad'n" here and there. He's added about 10 words to his vocabulary in the last week or two --- moving past "No!" and "No way!" to "Pees, Mom!" and "I do it!"