Guest Story: Scaring off Suitors

I'm pleased to introduce todays guest post from Melissa! Melissa grew up as the youngest in a family of eight kids, and although, she's still slightly scarred, she's managed to move on with her life. A respectable college librarian by day and a voracious reader by night, Melissa ensures that the lazy (aka me) never have to read a lame book again in their life, by posting her detailed book reviews. Thank you, Melissa!

Being the youngest of eight kids, I had a lot of opportunities to watch my siblings fall in and out of love. All kinds of love. From the grade school crush, to the high school fling, and then for life.

For my young, romantic imagination, these relationships were so exciting, each and every one.

I found myself (often) clinging to dates, strangers many of them, trying to figure out what made up this strange world of romance. My two oldest brothers eventually brought home lovely ladies to be wives, and it suddenly culminated in the most thrilling event of all: a wedding!

Like many starry-eyed little girls, I planned and dreamed about my own wedding, someday. Thus, when my four older sisters started bringing home their handsome young men, I watched them very closely.

Perhaps a little too closely.

I recall climbing things to see out the window on our door, watching siblings say goodnight (you know, for the kissing, of course).

I know I would clamber all over dates and potential spouses like they were jungle gyms. There was nothing so exciting as a good-looking older guy that was usually trying to impress my sister and her family, thus putting up with younger sibling antics.

In particularly vivid detail, is the memory of clinging to one future brother-in-law's leg, hoping he wouldn't leave. I figured a nice serenade from his true love's little sister would be just the thing to convince him. Thus, I shared my passionate and quite complete knowledge of all the lyrics to my favorite Newsies songs, all the while hanging from his leg --- A fun, sweet memory, slightly marred by the reminder that I was about eleven or twelve years old at the time.

Perhaps I could have gotten away with that kind of thing when I was a cute eight year old, but twelve is pushing it.

I guess this behavior did not deter him, as he still married into the family (and continues to tease me about this experience to this day). At least for my next sister I had graduated from the leg-clinging to the annoying teenage eavesdropping and room stalking.

And don't worry. I received full returns with interest from my older siblings' children when my own turn finally came.

Everything from the climbing all over and clinging to legs to the first-time-meeting-family question: "Are you going to be my new uncle?"

What goes around comes around.

Did your younger siblings embarrass you in front of your dates? Or maybe you were the one doing the embarrassing?

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