Guest Story: Between Bedtime and Sleep

This week's guest story comes from Karen. Karen is the mother of 6 lovely kiddos. Her degree is in Biology Teaching, and her kids do things like grow their own cabbage, start fires and boil vegetables in the backyard, and replicate music they've only heard when they sit down at the piano. Karen enjoys her time with them during the day, and then she enjoys putting them down to bed, so she can try to relax (some nights more successfully than others). Thank you, Karen!

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your golden hair!" I called.

My older sister, Christine, then hung her blanket down from the top bunk. Sure, it was bedtime, but who could resist playing Rapunzel?

Or making up stories based on Little House on the Prairie?

Or hanging upside down between the wall and the top bunk?

Or doing anything besides actually going to sleep?

Now that I have a bunch of little kids, I frown on such nighttime nonsense. But, as they say, what goes around comes around.

My kids' first bedtime escapade happened when my oldest was 4 and his little sister was 2. I came in to check on them before going to bed, when I discovered that they had taken all of their clothes out of the dresser and scattered them all over the place.

WHAT were they thinking?!?!?!

Since then, we have tried to have a sense of humor about it. If we see something really creative, we take a picture.

Trying out what being pregnant feels like.
girl sleeping pregnant

Pretending to be baby Moses.
girl sleeping in library basket

Drawing inventions until he dropped.
boy sleeping with paper and crayons

Playing princess (the sock is a fancy glove).
girl sleeping dressed up as princess

Sleeping in the same bed.
kids sleeping in same bed

Guarding her room.
little girl sleeping on floor by door

There are some things we can't show pictures of, like when they take all their clothes off and sleep au natural.

And one time, we found one of our daughters asleep with her mouth taped shut. I took a picture and then deleted it because it looked so scary.

Or sometimes, I'm so mad I can't think of taking a picture.

Like when the girls stayed up making mixtures of toothpaste, sanitizer, soap, and perfume, and put it in play dishes all over the place.

A few nights ago one of my girls excitedly shared a story from Little House on the Prairie with her sister, and I had to smile; my big sister probably told me that same story when I was a kid -- while we were supposed to be sleeping.

Do your kids play when they should be sleeping? Guilty of a past indiscretion yourself?

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  1. Karen, your kids are really creative! Ruby does that pregnant one occasionally (as have possibly all little girls since the dawn of time?), but I haven't seen any of the others. Well, ok, I have seen get everything out and strew it all over the floor :).

    1. I still like to dress up as a pregnant person every once in a while :) Really, you should try it, Cheltz.

  2. Ooh, soap and toothpaste - that sounds fun to clean up! Love all the stories and especially the photos :)

    1. I hadn't even thought of that, Melissa (and I should've), but yeah, probably lots of fun :). And I'm pretty happy about how the photos turned out too!

    2. I think I made them clean up most of it (except the things that hadn't spilled yet)

  3. I love the creativity that kids have!! I'm sure as parents it can be frustrating, but the pics are great! The worst one I pulled was taking a huge wad of gum and making a "necklace" out of it, and put it on with no shirt!

    1. Haha! On one hand, Whitney, YUCK! On the other, you just reminded me that I snuck gum to bed one time too. It was all stuck in my hair when I woke up, and I had to get a very short haircut the next day :).

  4. Steven27.4.12

    You'll NEVER believe this one... one time, my older (much respected) sister convinced me from her top bunk, to use language I'd have NEVER used on my own. It went something like this:
    Karen: (whispering) Steven, yell butt!
    Steven: (whispering) butt!
    Karen: (still whispering) no, YELL butt!
    Steven: (a bit louder) butt!
    Karen: (a bit louder) No, YELL it!
    Steven: (Yelling) BUTT!!!

    Moments later, my innocent, obedient mouth was being washed out with soap...
    I'm sure none of your kids would ever stoop to that level, would they?

    1. I don't know why, but this story gives me the giggles, whenever I hear it :).

    2. Steven,
      I tried to work that story into my story, but I couldn't make it flow well enough ;)
      I'm glad you could share it with us all. To my credit (well, maybe), I did take a bar of soap and lick it the next day (I think) because I felt guilty.