Happy Birthday, Herbie!

Herbie's been anticipating his birthday for weeks!  He was so excited, and had been talking about it for so long, I was a little bit worried that it would be anti-climatic for him. But, I think it really turned out to be everything he wanted it to be. He never even told me what he wanted as presents, until I thought to ask him a week before.  

I think that actually being 6 and the recognition are the things that he loves.  He told me everyone who remembered it was his birthday: both bus drivers (thanks to Ruby telling them the day before), his substitute teacher, being called down to the office for his card and pencil from the principal, being sung to in Primary, etc.  

Of course, he got to pick dinner and dessert; we sang to him several times, and I told him stories about himself before he fell asleep.  

It's been a great 6 years, Herbie!

little boy turning six birthday cake candle

Herbie's friend Baiden occasionally comes over and plays at our house.  Whenever he does, some mischief inevitably occurs.  Nothing serious, really, but more than if the kids were just playing alone.

Herbie: Can I go play at Baiden's house? 
Me: Yeah, maybe when you're 17! 
Herbie: Why? 
Me: Because if we were to let you go play at Baiden's house, you guys would end up doing things like flood their basement, or take someone's fireplace apart -- brick by brick. 
(I said this for Woo's benefit, since he actually did those things while out and about with his friend Greg at about Herbie's age). 
Herbie (shocked): I would never do that!  
(reconsidering) Except flood the basement. 
Me: Oh? Why? 
Herbie: Because then we would have a swimming pool!
Great minds think alike, I guess.

kids running on beach
Sometimes Moses has so much imagination:

Moses (crying and yelling in the stairwell): Mom! Herbie wants to vacuum me up!! 
Herbie, that will make it run out of batteries!! 
Herbie, why do you want to vacuum me up?? 
Herbie (very calm, apparently showing him the bottom of the vacuum): Moses, see this hole.   
You wouldn't even fit in it ...

And sometimes he doesn't:
Woo: Lie on your back and look at the clouds, Moses.  What do you see? 
Moses:  Nothing. 
Woo: What do the clouds look like? 
*long pause* 
Moses: Clouds.
boy and girl looking off cliff beach wind

Ruby's broken arm has not slowed her down at all.  She runs, jumps, does the monkey bars at the playground, plays soccer -- pretty much everything she did before (Except she says she can't vacuum -- I'm going to humor her for a week or so more on that one.)  We haven't allowed her to ride her bike or jump on the trampoline until we get the OK from the Doc on Monday, that it looks like it's healing correctly, and then I'm sure she'll be going full-force.  Woo thinks it's ironic that after all the snowboarding, bike riding (off jumps too), trampoline jumping, etc. she broke her arm falling out of the hammock.  

Which reminds me, whenever we're talking to someone about how it happened, and it comes out that Herbie was pushing Ruby in the hammock, she's always quick to add, "But, I forgive him!"

Linus has been bitten by the vacuuming bug.  For months, really, he'd pick up a stick or tube (anything even remotely resembling a vacuum) and trace it on the ground while making a buzzing sound, but this week I actually let him use our (very) lightweight vacuum.  He was ecstatic!  He could've run that thing all day, and he even figured out how to say it, "Bacuuuum!"  
"Beeaze, bacuuuum, Mom! Beeaze!"dad and toddler boy playing on beach
Penelope is very grabby, and is a bit more mobile and has a bit more reach, then we give her credit for. She's upended plates of food, cups of water, that we thought were safe.  The kids haven't been able to find things they were just playing with, only to find them in Penelope's tight little grip.  She's not yet old enough to get mad when anything is taken from her, so retrieval is still a simple matter.  

Tonight Linus and Penelope were sitting in my lap fighting over a book.  Well, Linus was fighting.  Penelope was just following the constant call to snatch.

baby girl smiling

Woo and I have started the kitchen.  I really wanted his help because I knew that he'd be much better at the precise cuts and measuring than I would be.  We got off to a bit of a rough start, but once he realized he was going to have to do most of the thinking, and I realized that I was going to have to calm down and do things at his pace, we've started to get stuff done.  The kitchen's a disaster again, but I'm just excited to be moving forward!

How was everyone's week?  Anyone have a birthday?  Anyone else have trouble seeing anything but clouds in the clouds?  I hope you all got to go outside and enjoy the spring weather!